Portfolios 1990 – today

 Contact sheets and a new perspective

2021–2022 Chapel Schools. In the footsteps of the Nassau Counts William I and John VI. 49 black and white proof sheets.
2020–2022 Half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area today, 26 photographs of the framework houses, that the Bechers photographed 50 years ago.
2015–2020 flucticulus, various artworks about waves
2019 Kiss of pink eternity, pinhole portraits

The Borehole Tops at Eisernhardt, 24  pinole photographs

If it would be words only 20 linocuts and their prints of philosophers in an particatable installation

2014/2018 The Grand Canyon, contact  sheet with 60 roles of film


Tango Metropolis, contact sheets of the New World Wonders


5 different linocuts on telephone book pages


Siegen montaged in stripes, 40 unique & original collages and an editioned version in large

The Most Desired Man

Black & White, contactsheets 1997 - 2005, 51 black & white prints

2015 My grandfather was a SS soldier, an installation to remember the deportations from Siegen during World War II

genius loci, two German gentlemen in the land of the Tzars, 40 contact sheets of industrial architecture in the German Siegerland and the Russian Urals

genius loci, collages on postcards for a mail art project

Houston We've had a problem (2009 - 2010)


Zeus’ eye, a Google-image as a wall installation of approximately 5 meters in length composed of 1012 images.

Emergency Money for the Greek Culture - 44 Million for the Greek culture


Brasília, a modern utopia, 40 contact sheets about Brasília and the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer


Dancing Walls 2003 - 2006, contact sheets of interiors, staircases and palaces


The People from Deyang, 100 portraits on the streets of Deyang in China

The Hearst Tower New York, Portfolio

Deconstructed Portraits in Color (2006–2022 ongoing)

2005 Genova Magnificence and Luminescence behind Gates

Facades - Interfering in the cityscape, scuffeling a complete building with an image of itself


arbor, 19 abstract photograms of the German trees

1999–2002 Deconstructed Portraits - Montaged portraits


(and ongoing)

Monuments, contactsheets of  iconic European buildings

2000 Euroshredder - Shredding the European banknotes contactsheets of all European banknotes and more

Instruments - Instruments of a blind's orchestra


La nature Provencale - La nature en tableaux


Something's wrong with my ears - pseudo stereo photography

Broken Dolls - Cyanotype portraits in the sun

Cosmic Kitchen - space and cosmos of kitchen tools in cyanotypes


Quicksnaps - about the impossibility of photographing identity, pinhole portraits