Hutted Camp - 1995

A typology of the abandoned

In 1995 the Belgium troops, stationed here, left the city. A lot of houses were left but also some military bases. One area close to the city was a training camp for tanks. Very fast the fences were torne down by nosy people. And so was I. I definitly wanted to know how it looked behind the fences.

What I found were four or five lines of barracks, that took my interest. And as I did not really understand the importance of what the Bechers did I created my owne series of that kind as a typology. But not a beautiful, pictorial or romantic series of frame houses or water towers. I was really not interested in documenting anything nice. I was more attracted by the lonliness and the destortions. Anyway, working on the typology helped me a lot to understand the importance of Bernd & Hilla Becher. what they photographed was less the visible, but the function.