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The Eiffel Tower in Paris, which seems to dance, landscapes, which start to sway and buildings, which shine in black and white staged in new splendor. All these artistic interpretations are features of a well-known modern freelance fine art photographer from Siegen, who has often represented Siegerland in galleries around the world. Thomas Kellner turned to art and photography at an early age and today enriches us with his very own interpretation of perception and illusion. Especially the works with the help of his contact sheets challenge many to dare a closer look and also to look behind the facade of the image.
But Kellner got his start in painting as a young child and student. He studied art, sociology, politics and economics at the University of Siegen; through his professor Juergen Koenigs, he discovered photography with the pinhole camera for himself, which he eventually exchanged for the SLR camera and started taking photographs on regular film. 

Then, in 1996, when he was awarded the Kodak Young Talent Award, he took the plunge to become a professional fine art photographer. In the years that followed, he developed an affinity for architecture and cubism, as well as his iconic methodology of using contact sheets, after years working on landscape photography or even or as a portrait photographer. His unique technique has a high recognition value, as he awakens each image into something new with great attention to detail and imagination. His multi-perspectival and deconstructivist language, which makes forms of movement visible in the image, has since been interpreted in new and different ways. Prof. Irina Chymreva, for example, calls his paintings a "visual analytical synthesis," while Rolf Sachsse sees him as a perfect representative of modern Mannerism. 

His numerous pinhole camera projects, which also included portraits and a self-portrait, also show how no two images are alike and open up new avenues into the fine art photography world.

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When Thomas is not in Siegen, he explores the world in search of new, impressive buildings that can serve as photo inspiration. Whether in the USA, Russia or China, he finds captivating motifs and breathtaking landscapes everywhere, which he can translate into his own personal language. It also attracts the attention of local museums and studios that want to exhibit his work, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston or the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro.

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Outside of his work as an fine art photographer, he also devotes himself to working as a curator. Even though he sees himself more as a networker who simply wants to bring people and images together, he organized the project photographers:network as early as 2004. His work as a curator also found favor in America, where he was invited three times to portfolio meetings, followed by further invitations to Brazil, China, Russia and also Germany. Other ideas that he has already been able to implement are: the Brauhaus Fotografie at the University of Siegen, the art summer, the art day or also twoseven+.

Before the fine art photographer moved to his new studio in Blücherstraße, he was closely associated with the studio in Friedrichstraße, which was stage to present many of his exhibitions and fine art photography. From 1998 to 2019 he was always to be found there and offered, among other things, open studio days or even the Artcamp, both of which took place in his own studio. And also already in the Friedrichstraße he already got diligent help. Since 2009, Thomas Kellner has also received support from interns, who actively support him and also have the opportunity to learn and take away a lot of new things.

Exploring the World of Photography and Fine Art: From Photographs to Galleries and the Best Fine Art Photographers 

Loyalty and passion for his art characterize the independent fine art photographer then as well as now. He also enjoys the freedom that comes with being self-employed, as travel is also part of his job. So he has the chance to visit all seven continents and yet not to forget or neglect his roots in Siegen. Especially the last project of Siegen's half-timbered houses, which had been photographed by the Bechers years before, and also the commitment to the structural change in the city itself once again emphasize his loyalty to his home.

We can be especially excited about new future plans. Great plans are in development, just waiting to finally be released to the public. And especially one is eagerly waiting for the next project and that is Thomas Kellner himself. Because not only new adventures have to be tackled, but also earlier projects have to be completed. So the project about monuments is still waiting for its completion, but he has to plan many journeys before he can reach this goal.

Despite many setbacks, crises and a move, he has always remained true to fine art photography and also to the homebase in Siegen.

Fine art photographers meticulously craft a document that illustrates the current state and illuminates the essence and development of art photography over the years.

Photography is a realm where every click tells a unique story. At the heart of this narrative are the fine art photographers, the maestros who elevate photography into a form of visual poetry. In the ever-evolving landscape of photography, the best fine art photographers stand as torchbearers of creativity and innovation.

Fine Art Photographers: Capturing Essence in Every Frame

These photographers master the art of creating extraordinary fine art photographs. Through their lens, they transform everyday scenes into captivating visual tales, each photograph speaking volumes about their artistic prowess. It´s a special type of photography.

From timeless portraits that reflect raw emotions to mesmerizing landscapes that transport you to another world, these artists make the impossible, possible. Their work transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the art world.

Influential Visionaries famous photographers : Shaping the Future of Fine Art Photography

In the vast photography world, certain names resonate profoundly. The likes of Alfred Stieglitz, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Kellner and Carolyn have pioneered fine art photography, inspiring generations to view the world through a different lens.

Stieglitz, a luminary in the art scene, forever changed how we perceive photography. Cindy Sherman's groundbreaking self-portraiture challenges conventional norms, blurring the line between reality and art. Carolyn, with her unique style, adds a distinct voice to the contemporary fine art. 

Thomas Kellner is a fine art photographer renowned for his intricate and innovative photographic montages that deconstruct architecture into visually captivating and dynamic compositions.

They are all examples of fine art and especially of successful fine art. 

An Artistic Journey: Where Fine Art Meets Photography

Fine art photographers delve into the nuances of light, color, and composition to craft evocative images. Their work captures the essence of a moment and elevates it to the realm of artistic expression.

In this diverse artistic practice, you'll find photographers who specialize in portrait photography and conceptual photoshoots. Whether through the lens of a film camera or the precision of digital technology, they create fine art prints that mesmerize and evoke emotions.

From elegant portraits to candid moments frozen in time, from the beauty of sunrise to the subtleties of dappled light, each image depicts a unique perspective. Through their lens, we witness the beauty in unusual subjects and the drama in everyday life.

An Ode to Creativity: The Artistic Practice of Fine Art Photographers

These talented artists experiment with techniques, styles and media to present their unique vision. Some find their muse in families and children, while others are drawn to the play of light and shadow. Their photographic medium is as diverse as the subjects they capture. In this artistic journey, the square format coexists with large formats, digital techniques complement analog finesse, and multiple exposures blend seamlessly with elegance. Through their lens, they invite us into a world where beauty finds its form in the embrace of the lens.

Discover the Contemporary Fine Art World: Where Every Image Is a Masterpiece

Fine art photography is not just about the photographs; it's about the story each image narrates. These artists invite you to explore their gallery, where every image is a testament to their love for the craft. Here, photography isn't just a profession; it's an artistry that breathes life into every photograph.

In this world, the boundaries between reality and art blur, and the resulting visuals are nothing short of a masterpiece. Welcome to the realm of fine art photographers, where creativity knows no bounds, and every photograph is a brushstroke in the canvas of artistic expression. Photography as art and artistic photography represent a unique form of creative expression. Examples of art photography are color photographs with dramatic lighting that show various subjects such as people and landscapes. The diffrence between digital and analog fine art. They show new perspectives, whether in color or black and white. In this field, the world of art photography unites the artist as an  fine art photographer. These can be admired in the photography portfolio and photography prints.

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