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Welcome to the Newsroom! Here you will find press releases and useful information about exhibitions and projects. Feel free to read articles or just browse around a bit. That's what the Newsroom is for! If you are looking for further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Kellner. The press releases about him are collected and shown on this page. The newsroom is meant to simplify your search for information. This way you can read all the news from the studio and at the same time find out more about what's going on. In the newsroom all news about Thomas Kellner are put together. 

Press releases
Here you can find press releases about Thomas Kellner as an artist, you can also read about him as a curator or about projects he has done with other artists. He started curating in 2004 with group exhibitions in his studio. At that time, press releases about his work were already appearing. Since the beginning of his studies in 1989 and afterwards, Thomas Kellner has initiated projects and networks. Since then, he has organized exhibitions for other artist colleagues all over the world. The press releases first tell of these events and are followed closely by the press. Here are short announcements after openings for the daily press, as well as long-term announcements in the form of press releases sent to the quarterly press. A portrait of Thomas Kellner can appear here, or an interview on very current events. There are some things you will read here earlier than in the newsletter.

Since the beginning of his career, Thomas Kellner has participated in many projects and had many ideas that he turned into works and projects. To show his work to others, he has organized numerous exhibitions. These were always visited with enthusiasm. In 1993, Thomas Kellner held his first solo exhibition. This was followed by up to 500 exhibitions, participations in exhibitions and trade fair presentations on almost all continents. Usually, first announcements of exhibitions are published here and longer statements are made available. Regularly there are news about exhibitions and how or where they take place. Check it out and don't miss any more exhibitions!