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Hello and welcome back to the backend of my website to checkin for my galleries. I hope you remember your password.

Cooperation with galleries
I have been working with galleries all over the world since 1993. I attach great importance to this and am happy to say that I have been working very successfully with some of them for decades. Nevertheless, new galleries are always welcome to me. There is a large enough stock of work that can be made available on commission. Gladly in connection with an exhibition. After that my galleries work independently and will find all necessary information here. If you would like to work with me, please make yourself visible. I am happy to discuss this with you.

In the closed part of my website gallery owners can find daily updated prices for my works, which the public is welcome to ask via the contact form. However, I appreciate the cooperation with a gallery very much and gladly provide my information. 

I hope you always find useful information for your business here.

Let me me know if you had any difficulties here. I am happy to help and improve the backend.