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In this section, you will be able to find all the information concerning Thomas Kellner’s exhibitions and projects. You’ll also find the press releases related to him. In fact, Thomas Kellner is a well-known artist. Newsmedia has reported about Thomas Kellner at national and international levels. He has been recorded for newspaper articles, post on famous social-media pages, radio and even TV interviews. Gathering more than 500 exhibitions in his whole career, Thomas Kellner is involved in lots of projects either solo shows or group shows and art fares and featuring some other artists or galleries. 

Thomas is also a curator and since the beginning of his career he has led many exhibitions and networks with other artists.

You have at your disposal articles and interviews around the world of Thomas’s art. You can discover the stories under each exhibition, but also some pictures taken at the openings. This newsroom is also made to follow Thomas through his different exhibitions and to keep you updated about what he is currently doing. As an international photographer, he is exhibited on many continents. 

Here you can find the most current releases about him.



Here you can find all the necessary contacts to get in touch with Thomas Kellner. This page has a contact form to use messaging him. It shows you the useful contact to representing' galleries and the link to his copyright holders. 

You can contact him as a gallery, as a client, as a curious art interested person… a specific section has been built to simplify the contact with the artist, you’ll need to fill out a contact form with your request, and he will treat it in the shortest delays. Feel free to send him what you want, it can be advice, questions about art or professional requests. On this page, you have the possibility to choose the option of your request. This option has been created to make contact easier. You can contact Thomas as a collector, a gallery, a museum or a curator, a journalist or only with general interest in his art. This space is open to any kind of text and will be treated as even! 

There are also the contacts of the representing' galleries he is in collaboration with. They are based on five different continents, offering five different influences on his work but also five distinct perspectives. Don’t hesitate to send him a message of any kind!

Thomas’s works are protected under the copyright of VG-Bild Kunst and all the worldwide subsidiary associations. If you want to use or published Thomas’s work, you need written permission by VG-Bild Kunst. Usually, reports about exhibitions are free of any fee. 

Jobs & internships

Thomas Kellner is offering you the possibility to do an internship with me. His studio is open to students from different studies’ backgrounds; art history, photography, architecture, communications, cultural management, media sciences but also students of linguistic and literary studies like Literature, Culture, Media (LKM) or anything comparable. The studio is offering an internship where you can write blog entries or contribute to upcoming projects. In this internship, you are going to deal with many fields related to the world of an artist. It includes communication: you can operate a social media strategy according to his editorial plan with professional tools on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. Depending on your skills, you will also be able to work with Photoshop or InDesign to work on photos or videos. You can also accompagny him to photograph and learn more about the technical aspects of this profession. The internship needs to last at least 6 weeks at his office in Siegen, Germany. 

An internship at Thomas’s studio requires a great level in English and German, you will be required to do some translation. Any other languages as Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Hindi, Portuguese and so on are very welcome. 

Below this link, you can find my contact details if you have any question or to send your application. 


This part of the website is reserved only for the representing' galleries. Contact Thomas Kellner to receive the login details. Thomas Kellner has been working with galleries all over the world since 1993. He attaches great importance to this collaboration. He has been working very successfully with some of them for decades. This kind of close professional contacts are important and allows professionals like Thomas to expand their skills. Nevertheless, new galleries are always welcome to him. Thomas is always open to new propositions or ideas that can advantage me or others. 

He owns a large stock of work that can be made available on commission gladly in connection with an exhibition. If you would like to work with Thomas Kellner, please make yourself visible. He’ll be happy to discuss about his art and collaboration with you. You will find all necessary information here.


Here find more detailed information about editions and prices.