Siegen montaged in stripes

Dynamic, diverse and future-oriented. 

Life in the city of Siegen has a lot to offer. However, this was not always the case. Behind the facade of this modern city lies a development process that began with the end of the Second World War. For Siegen, this meant an almost complete destruction. The strong economic growth of the 50s after the end of the war enabled the city to recover from these damages and blossom into new strength. 
The photo collage presents a panorama of the city divided into colored stripes, which was consciously photographed in the colors typical for the 50s. The colourful design and the asymmetrical arrangement of the individual strips symbolise diversity and represent Siegen as a lively city. The elements of the modern, young Siegen combine with elements of the 50s, which shaped Siegen as a city as we know it today. The synthetic cubism, which is also a source of inspiration for my works with contact sheets, forms the basis of the collage. This becomes clear above all by the lively colour palette, as well as the fragmentary construction.

 “It is Kellner’s ambition to go beyond this routine way of looking at things.” Mazancová, D.