11-Pinhole Camera 1993-1997: Dying Nature 1994

Dying Nature 1994

Based upon my experiences in Spain in 1993, I was still caught by the images of tree trunks and dead trees. Two images from that series in Spain stayed in my mind. One image was a vertical pinhole photograph of a tree, similar to a sculpture against the sun, the other image was one of the eleven pinhole images.

In 1994, I spent a couple of weeks at Germany's northern seashore. Driving by car through this wide and open landscape with the very clear and close sky, my eyes suddenly saw dead and dying trees everywhere again. The trees were mainly oaks. In German Mythology the oak represents strength and age, since they grow very old. Now, they were standing everywhere as dead sculpures, warning us of nature's weakness.

For installation in exhibitions, I did huge enlargements and just leaned them against the wall. The big frames were meant to stand or lean in the room, as if forgotten, or even ready to be picked up.