Zeus' Eye, 2012

Zeus’ eye: a Google-image as a wall installation of approximately 5 meters in length composed of 1012 images. The same artwork exists as an editioned print of 1.6 meters in length.

The Zeus Eye symbolizes the all-seeing eye of God or the Eye of Providence and is a reminder that a mankind thoughts and deeds are always observed by God.

At the very beginning of his project, Thomas Kellner applied for permission to the Greek Ministry of Culture to photograph one of the most famous monuments in Greece, the Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis. Unexpectedly, he got a rejection by reason that the Ephorate grants permissions to photograph the Akropolis monuments only for educational and scientific purposes. Despite that Thomas Kellner did not give up on his plan and made use of thousands of tourist images that can be found on the Internet. For his artwork “The Zeus’ Eye” Thomas Kellner downloaded thousands of images, edited and put them together to a large eye of God. Today the mighty Greek God looks through the Parthenon itself.

„His works confirm in detail their realistic connection to the outside world and negate them as soon as the eye is directed to the whole ensemble.“ Kneppe, J., Kontakt, Kellner, Thomas, 2014, Seltmann+Söhne, Berlin/Siegen, page 39


Eulen aus Berlin und Chaos in Athen
April 28 – May 6, 2012
Studio Friedrichstrasse, Siegen, Germany