Sixtorama 1994

Sixtorama 1994

After or during working with multiple exposure cameras, there were different routs to this series.

The lying woman has been a very important theme in painting, since the Renaissance. I was still resistant to the notion of working on nude photography. At the time, Helmut Newton's nude photography was under heavy discussion, spumed by Germany's leading feminist, Alice Schwarzer. She was arguing against a series where Newton had combined some of his nudes together with landscapes and forrests.

This was when I was experimenting with one of my 19-pinhole panoramas. I still was not able to print these panoramas from a whole length of  35mm film, but was to get one printed in segments by a consumer lab.

Out of that experience I reconsidered the difficulty of perceiving a panorama, which we actually perceive in details, and build together in our mind. Beyond a certain length, human eye is incapable of capturing the full image.

This led me to build six cameras to photograph my girlfriend full length in segments. It became a major research project to study the effects of foreground and background in pinhole photography and to create my own image of the lying beauty. 


1995, Portfolio & artist's book Sistoramas: 
20 bw-prints from 1994,
each 54,0 x 11,5cm / 21,1" x 4,5",
edition 10+1