Fotogrammatisches Herbarium 1995

It was in summer of 1995, when I was still living in the most beautiful valley of my region. I realised, that I did not know all the different plants, flowers and trees that were growing around me. I remembered that people of my parent's age had made real herbariums at school and had been taught their different names and uses.

I decided to do something similar but it had to be photography. I went on several walks and collected some leaves, flowers, grasses and plants that attracted my eye. Back home and afterwards to the darkroom, my first thought was to do photograms. Most things were very small on one hand and on the other hand, I did not want the white of an object but the black. I worked on lith films and enlarged them afterwards. After the first set was done, I started again. I either went to look for special forms or even cut the leaves into forms that I liked.

After six aproaches the project stopped somehow. Later, I did a similar more conceptual series again called ARBOR.

pricing for photograms