If it only been words

"If it only been words", Linocuts of 20 philosophers, Artist statement

Day by day, questions wander through our heads which couldn´t be even more philosophical. We deal with questions for which we do not know the answers yet. Or we may think a step further and seek answers that will take time, because some questions cannot be answered that simply.

There are people who make answering these philosophical questions their life task. It is the philosophers who brighten our heads. They are the ones who show us ways that we did not dare to enter before. Those who think further. Those who determine and widen our thinking are the foundation of our society. These are the ones that ensure that machines are able to think and learn independently nowadays. The pictures are representations of becoming abstract or a thing.

At the present time, we do not think much, we let think. The medial influences change and affect our thinking and behavior. But what happened to the philosophy? Only few take the time to look closely at things and question them. The healthy thirst for knowledge has suffered considerably from the media, especially from the internet. It is not thought, it is googled. The philosophers that exist or once existed wrote their thoughts and their knowledge down in books. Something that has a lot more value than what we usually deal with. In the work "If it only been words" I give something back to these wise people and formulate a homage to the philosophers. I connect art with thinking.  

For each book, a linoleum plate with the philosopher’s portrait was cut. Each plate was printed only twice. The result was the printed title page incl. the linoleum plate and the entire book with the printed title page. In the middle of the installation there is room for the thoughts of the audience and it calls for the viewer to participate.


Purchase by the Jury, XI. Graphic Award of the City of Bietigheim-Bissingen, 2019