The Borehole Tops at Eisernhardt

[... years later Thomas Kellner picks up the pinhole camera again. It is not one of the rudimentary boxes and tin cans that we started with, but a case lid with glued-in tinplate that temporarily turns a digital SLR into a pinhole camera. With this, Kellner is as pragmatic and undogmatic as in his handling of the analogue 35 mm camera, which he has learned to use against the grain. Learned how to handle boxes and boxes, as Kellner emphasizes. Because it is the subversive, unorthodox and unabashed handling of the apparatus, ...] (from the catalog to the exhibition: Landscape, which is reminiscent of the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen)

The Borehole Tops around Eisernhardt

Very special thank you to Dr. Eva Schmidt for the inspiration and to Christian Weber for guidance through our local forests.