Arbor 2002

Every continent or country has its own, typical fauna and flora. Some countries develop specific traditions and meanings for plants and trees aside of pharmaceutical aspects. For example the oak tree in Germany stands for stability. Agamid more, or green trees remind of Christmas.
When I started the photograms in 1995, found an image that never left my mind, because of its strong structure and abstracts. I kept thinking of it and shorted more and deeper researches. What I found war quit stunning. Real trees of a certain high, when you call them a tree by definition, and that are originally from this continent on only about twenty different kinds of trees.
We ore Hold surrounded by forest, we shill know what a tree looks like. But we are slowly losing a more precise knowledge of our environment. TM this project “arbor” ‘gave every kind of tree a Square image. What you see is an abstract form; a cutout of a leaf. Sometimes it looks like an aerial shot.