"imagine" 2006



selection 2006

June 24th till July 2nd, 2006

Studio Thomas Kellner

Siegen, Germany



The exhibition shows work by 26 photographers from 11 countries. 

Each photographer is represented by one selected picture.In this project, Thomas Kellner invited one hundred photographers world wide for this juried exhibition. Out of more than a hundred submissions, the jury (comprised of Thomas Gerwers, Profifoto, Germany; Dagmar Peveling, Galerie Peveling, Cologne/Germany and Thomas Kellner, project coordinator) selected 26 photos  for the exhibition in Siegen.

The exhibition shows work by artists that are at the same time on a similar path like Thomas Kellner. He gives us the opportunity to see images of his colleagues, whom he meets at festivals and other events somewhere in the world. The photographs are as different as the individuals who make them. There is figurative work, architectural, abstract and experimental photography. Each photograph showing a different imagination: poetic images, collaged imaginations, dreams, perceptions and newly created realities. The end result is a collection of contemporary work and a network, where photographers can connect and help each other in building their careers.

The exhibition is acompanied by a printed portfolio in PROFIFOTO,Germany, showing selected images.



June 24th till July 2nd

Opening Saturday June 24th at 3p.m.

Studio Thomas Kellner

Friedrichstrasse 42; D-57072 Siegen, Germany

Opening hours: Sa/Su: 3-7p.m. and by appointment



Pascal Baetens, Kessel-Lo, Belgium
Sheri Lynn Behr, New York, USA
Amanda Calluf, Curitiba, Brazil
Pedro David, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Luis Delgado Qualtrough, San Francisco, USA
Diane Ducruet, Berlin, Germany / Paris, France
Kathryn Dunlevie, Palo Alto, USA
Fano, Brno, Czeck Republik
Gyula Fodor, Vienna, Austria
Marcus Freitas, Goiânia - Goiás, Brazil
Judy Gelles, Philadelphia, USA
Salete Goldfinger, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nicolai Howalt, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nathalie Latham, Paris, France
Salvatore Lopes, Jamaica Plain, USA
Anja Mohr, Linden, Germany
Rinaldo Morelli, Brasilia, Brazil
Kitty Paranagua, Rio de Janeiro
Nicolas Pascarel, Naples, Italy
Helio Rocha, Brasilia, Brazil
Frank Rothe, Berlin, Germany
Michelle Sank, Great Britain
Dagmar Sippel, Paris, France
Tracey Snelling, Oakland, USA
Adriane Vasquez, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Guy Veloso, Belem-Para, Brazil



photographers:network - selection 2006

„imagine“Ende 2005 wurden wieder ca. hundert meiner Kollegen und Freunde weltweit eingeladen, die ich im Laufe der beiden letzten Jahre kennen gelernt habe, an diesem Projekt teilzunehmen. Es sind allesamt meist junge Fotografen, die ich bei Festivals und in meinen Galerien kennen gelernt habe und die sich auf einem ähnlichen Weg befinden. Es haben sich 56 Fotografen mit mehr als einhundert und fünfzig Arbeiten für die Teilnahme beworben. Ziel des Projektes ist es ein Netzwerk unter Kollegen aufzubauen und sich gegenseitig zu fördern. Eine sachkompetente Jury aus einem Journalisten (Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO), einem Galeristen (Dagmar Peveling, Galerie Peveling, Köln) und einem Kunsthistoriker ....

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Pascal Baetens

Salve Mater

"I photographed Elvire in the meadow in front of "my" nut houseThe photograph is part of the "Salve Mater" series, sensual fantasies, photographed in the abandoned psychiatric hospital for women ....

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Sheri Lynn Behr

.... This selection of work is from the series I Am Not Where I Am Now, which was shown at The Almanac Gallery of Photography in 2004. I Am Not Where I Am Now focuses on iconic details from a primarily urban landscape meant to evoke visual memory and a sense of place. The photographs explore the nature of subjects both mundane and dynamic, and search out commonalities in places with differing visual influences ....

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Amanda Calluf

Flâneuse: an experience between times

The project “Flâneuse: an experience between times” is inspired by Baudelaire’s flâneur. The idea is to bring this figure from the 18th century to these days, at its female version, the flâneuse, equipped with a camera. The images’ content would be anything that attracted the attention of this admirer of the simple things of life and of quotidian beauty. She wanders aimlessly through the streets, looking at the city with enchantment, turning it into a dreamed place. But the ...

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Pedro David


The series route is a collection of travel photos taken in several places that I’m passing trough, searching for something that I can’t say exactly what is.

It’s like a dream, when I’m always in motion, with my car in a road that has no end. But I’m ....

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Luis Delgado Qualtrough

“What is said is done, what is lost is doomed, what is forgotten is dammed.”


I create photography based prints, books, and installations with history and societal systems as my theme, specifically the concept of the hero and the anti-hero. I use a visual language of icons and gestures ....

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Diane Ducruet



Since I started photography, my principal intention was to build a « visual territory », more than a work crystallized on specific topics.

"What is important for me, is always managing to catch what does not cease changing, and the problem is the same for a self-portrait or for the portrait of somebody else" Francis Bacon

"Goya was acquainted with demons and witches. ....

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Kathryn Dunlevie

more than meets the eye


„David Hockney’s claims about photography and painting effectively illustrate not only Dunlevie’s use of paint but also her unique representations of place and space, which might be interpreted as an intriguing new variant of analytic cubism….." Don Snyder, "Not at First Glance", Gallery TPW Panscopic Journal, www.photobasedart.ca"

Inspired by a space, I photograph it segment by segment from various vantage points. Next, I arrange and rearrange the images until a new coherence emerges. The result—a photographic equivalent of a Cubist collage—is ....

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Quo vadis


quo vadis is portfolio of photographs from the airport terminals. a study of environment, which is in my opinion spiritually toxic, steril and artificial space, where ....

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Gyula Fodor

Gyula Fodor is an artist in the medium of photography. Previously he has trained and worked as a lathe-operator, specialist chemicals worker, seaman, mechanical engineer, pall-bearer and haulage contractor. ....

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Marcus Freitas

The work presented is part of my research where reflected images are captured on cars at the traffic light and parking lot, reflected images in the metal parts and windows of these vehicles. I try to incorporate and preserve, sometimes though through manipulation, the very elements of an urban routine....

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Judy Gelles

Mother/Father diptych: These images are of my parents on their wedding day. The text describes the relationship when my father was dying of cancer 60 years later.
I realized early on that the most immediate and strongest influence in my work is the family. The family is one of the key agents of socialization in society, transmitting culture, values, and behavioral models to each generation. Since the age of fourteen, I have kept a daily journal. In 1977,....

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Salete Goldfinger



People often say that life is but a movie directed by a superior force. Definitely one can say that life is a collage constructed by uniting millimeters of film, representation of seconds that build our quotidian.The images here presented have a touch of mystery, once the complete identity of the characters is not revealed,....

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Nicolai Howalt


Throughout the years of 2000-2003 the award-winning photographer Nicolai Howalt followed young Danish boys boxing in Denmark and abroad. The result is the book 'Boxer'. The book portrays a series of young boxers where Howalt's starting point is to capture the moment before and after the match. A sense of spirit, emotion, expectation and energy characterize ....

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Nathalie Latham

In the media today, we are inundated by the notions of China being the next super power, and how it will leave the USA, Europe (and the West in general), way way behind.

When I was in Beijing last year, I had a very strong sense of the enormous shift that China is undergoing.

I was interested in observing the teenagers in Beijng today as they are the generation which are going to be the leaders of ....

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Salvatore Lopes

Sal Lopes is an internationally renowned photographer and platinum printer who has exhibited and published in the United States and abroad. In 1975,....

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Anja Mohr

„My barbie with..."

Who did not, apart from a few men possibly, play with a barbie in her childhood? Dressing, changing and masquerading barbie were part of a daily ritual and questions of hairstyle and charisma were raised anew each day. When my barbie was beautifully dressed ....

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Rinaldo Morelli


The chalenge that moves me, when I photograph, is to surprise the espectator.

I do not consider the photography a hostage of the reality. ....

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Kitty Paranagua



Copacabana, a place well known for everyone. The proximity between the ocean and the city turns it very peculiar. The relation between people and their own bodies, shown public, whithout any ashaiming, beautiful or ugly, firm or flat, I`m looking for to register the interation of these bodies ....

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Nicolas Pascarel

"Shorts cut memory" Cambodia.


It is about a work on the memory and consequences of that in the current Cambodian society. The photographic work is cut in three stories summarized briefly in the past, the present and the future.

Both first ones (past and present) are directly connected because in the first story, I photographed the prison from Tuol Sleng to Phnom Penh which served as center of torture and as extermination during the period red Khmer from 1975 till 1979. The second which was realized by means of the association Krousar Thmey ( new family) is a series of portraits of the children of streets night in the city. They are in a sense " the children of Pol Pot ", ....

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Helio Rocha

My Phantoms – Self Portraits


This work, My Phantoms – Self Portraits, was done using a technique called paint lights, which uses lantern, torch or flash to "paint" the scene. allowing the construction of multiple images on the same frame.

By that way, with the synthesis of movements that creates the action, the phantoms plays with the concept of reality, revealing the ludicrous aspect of ....

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Frank Rothe

China Naked

One and a half billion people and the new politics of China could give that country the power to rule the world for the next future. But who are they? The Chinese? Get out of your clothes, was one of my first thoughts when I started with my project "China Naked".

But not enough, I also wanted to show the speed and the mass of that everyday changing surface of China. So I choose ....

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Michelle Sank

Teenagers Belfast


"These portraits are from a series commissioned by Belfast Exposed Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The remit was to empower these teenagers with a sense of individuality and to locate them within environments that bear no reference to the political struggles ....

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Dagmar Sippel

Self Portraits

For twenty years I have been working on the problems of my own narcissism. All my photographs are conceived and shot by me alone. (I use a six-meter-long wire shutter release and a ten-second self-timer.) I am both the model and the photographer.

Self-portraiture in general or rather Self-Representation is a language, a code that we deploy when we are with others and even when we’re alone.

First, there is the pose, mimicry, expression, vocabulary ....

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Tracey Snelling

Driving down the street at night, I look at the lit windows of the houses that I pass, and I wonder who lives there. What is going on right at this moment behind that curtain or drawn shade? An old motel along the side of the highway sits broken and abandoned. I want to know the stories of the people who stayed there, the history of the people who owned it, and why it is no longer inhabited. Better than shifting ....

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Adriane Vasquez

Minamal Stories


„Adriane Vasquez’s "Minimal Stories" are drains of images that, by unfolding and by assembling themselves, create small circular tours. If we focus the images from the center to the borders these photo-objects appear to be flowers that can be infinitely dispetaled, as they don’t stop sprouting between ....

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Guy Veloso

Guy Veloso went searching here - in the depths of the fantastic mysticism of the processions of Father Cicero- a relaxation, or perhaps a metaphor for a world to vast for his 35mm camera. A language well resolved and ready for a blatant leap of quality it insinuates......"

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photographers:network selection  2006 & photography made in Siegen


 Friday, 24. 6. 2005

7 pm    welcome to photographers (on invitation)


Saturday, 24. 6. 2005

10 – 12 am    photographers of the selections 2006 & Siegen photographers give short introductions in their work  (engl.):

Diane Ducruet, Berlin/Paris

Martin Schaepers, Siegen, Germany

Gyula Fodor, Vienna, Austria

Christian Wickler, Siegen, Germany

Salvatore Lopes, USA

Anja Mohr. Linden, Germany

Michael Wagener, Siegen




3 pm: opening reception studios Friedrichstrasse


Sunday, 26. 6. 2005

11 am: opening reception "photography made in Siegen", curated by Debra Klomp, Leeds/New York, Artgalerie, Siegen, Fuerst-Joahnn-Moritz-strasse1


3 -4 pm: guided exhibition tour, Museum of Contemporary Art, Siegen


Saturday, 1. 7. 2005

3 – 7 pm: exhibition open to public, studios Friedrichstrasse

Sunday, 2. 7. 2005  

3 – 7 pm: exhibition open to public, studios Friedrichstrasse

Thank you for supporting photographers:network selection 2006