Rocha, Helio

Helio Rocha, Brasilia, Brazil

My Phantoms – Self Portraits

This work, My Phantoms – Self Portraits, was done using a technique called paint lights, which uses lantern, torch or flash to "paint" the scene. allowing the construction of multiple images on the same frame.

By that way, with the synthesis of movements that creates the action, the phantoms plays with the concept of reality, revealing the ludicrous aspect of this way of representing the person.

Helio Rocha is a music teacher of Brasilia Music School, graduated in Arts at University of Brasília. He photographs since 1980 and had classes with Breyner Perdigão, João Paulo Barbosa, Olivier Boels, André Carvalho, Marcelo Feijó among others. I received Honor Mention at 1º Concurso Fotográfico do Iate Clube, and made exhibitions at Central Bank of Brazil in the years of 2003, 2004, 2005. I had a photo selected at the FotoArte 2004 Competition and made an exhibition at

FotoArte2005 called Subterrâneas (Undergrounds) at Pátio Brasil.

Helio Rocha 2006