Goldfinger, Salete

Salete Goldfinger, Sao Paulo, Brazil


People often say that life is but a movie directed by a superior force. Definitely one can say that life is a collage constructed by uniting millimeters of film, representation of seconds that build our quotidian.

The images here presented have a touch of mystery, once the complete identity of the characters is not revealed, given that it is irrelevant. The interesting aspect of these photographs is to analyze them as fragments of lives of common people, who are preparing themselves to face a new morning. Yet, no matter what agenda each one has, there is a remote possibility that they will cross each other’s paths, yet, keeping their obscurity. This casual encounter might take place inside a fitting room, where only the feet are able to tell us something about the body they carry, or in a hotel room, where only the memories will be able to meet, soon after the bodies have left the building.
Within this sequence of photographs, the only constant character is the mirror. Silent, yet omniscient, holding the secrets of each one that stares into it. The mirror, unknowingly, focuses, cuts and edits images of our daily lives, making these images often spontaneous. The leading role attributed to the mirror shows that we are daily examined from all angles by people and objects whom we know nothing about, reinforcing the thesis that life is in itself a movie directed by a force, not a human. Salete Goldfinger 2006