Freitas, Marcus

Marcus Freitas, Montreal, Canada

The work presented is part of my research where reflected images are captured on cars at the traffic light and parking lot, reflected images in the metal parts and windows of these vehicles. I try to incorporate and preserve, sometimes though through manipulation, the very elements of an urban routine where they are captured. It can be seen through the deformation of the images, by the colour, dust and even the car model. The images are fixed or fused with textures giving the work its atmosphere. After the capture, the images are manipulated by software and they go through a chromatic intervention by mixing the own colours within the image, already altered by the original colour of the vehicle, and the CMYK colour space.

The purpose of these interventions is to emphasize the urban routine and its ephemeral aspect of it, reassured by the titles that refer to the vehicles plaques where the images came from. Such a record could even locate them, though the objective that opposes the meeting is one: unique moment.

Marcus Freitas 2006