Vasquez, Adriane

Adriane Vasquez, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Minimal Stories

„Adriane Vasquez’s "Minimal Stories" are drains of images that, by unfolding and by assembling themselves, create small circular tours. If we focus the images from the center to the borders these photo-objects appear to be flowers that can be infinitely dispetaled, as they don’t stop sprouting between our fingers. If we conversely move from the borders to the center we are slowly absorbed through a drain that hypnotizes us. These are images that even when they are framed and complete are part of a story that in connection to others of a similar nature articulate unpretentious puzzles. From trips, movies, cities and songs the artist picks not only fragments of potential associations but a dynamics of flows which surround us in an enchanting movements." Jaílton Moreira/May 2005