David, Pedro

Pedro David, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Lives and works in Nova Lima and Belo Horizonte – Brasil.
Photographer/visual artist, got his bachelors in Social Communication/Journalism by PUC-Minas, in 2001. Attended graduate in Arts and contemporaneity in the Guignard School (UEMG, 2002).


The series route is a collection of travel photos taken in several places that I’m passing trough, searching for something that I can’t say exactly what is.

It’s like a dream, when I’m always in motion, with my car in a road that has no end. But I’m glad to drive by this road, and I don’t want to reach that end.

In that unfinished endless road I feel like at home, and I find interesting people and situations that I can’t find in my daily life.


National Museum of the Brazillian Republic, 2012; Home of Guimarães Rosa’s Museum, since 2012; Minas Gerais State Museum, since 2011; Rio Grande do Sul State Museum of Contemporary Art – 2011;  Noorderlicht Photography - The Netherlands, since 2008; Santa Catarina's State Museum of Art, since 2006; Pirelli-Masp collection of Photography, São Paulo - Brazil, since 2005; Abílio Barreto Historic Museum collection, since 2000.


Paisagem Submersa (Underwater Landscape) – CosacNaify, 2008; O Jardim (The Garden) – Funceb, 2012 and Rota Raiz (Route Root) – Tempo D’Imagem – 2013.