Behr, Sheri Lynn

Sheri Lynn Behr, New York, USA

Sheri Lynn Behr’s photographs are widely exhibited and have appeared in American and international publications and online. She started out photographing rock musicians back in the day, and her current projects explore photography without permission, surveillance and the iconic Lucky Cat. Sheri recently received a 2012 Fellowship in Photography from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

I Am Not Where I Am Now

Born in New York City, Sheri Lynn Behr is best known for her classic rock and roll images. These photographs have appeared in many well-known music publications and are now also exhibited and purchased as fine art photographs. She transitioned from shooting performers on assignment to
personal work, which sent her on a journey that has included at times documentation, interpretation and/or transformation of images. These explorations have led to a merging of photographic and digital technology. She has studied photography at The New School, SVA and ICP, and her instructors have included Benedict J. Fernandez and Lauren Greenfield.
This selection of work is from the series I Am Not Where I Am Now, which was shown at The Almanac Gallery of Photography in 2004. I Am Not Where I Am Now focuses on iconic details from a primarily urban landscape meant to evoke visual memory and a sense of place. The photographs explore the nature of subjects both mundane and dynamic, and search out commonalities in places with differing visual influences once taken for granted. Distance and time change perception of place, and the photographs often evoke feelings of isolation, disconnection or loss. Photographs from I Am Not Where I Am Now were purchased by Polaroid for The Polaroid Collection in 2003.
“For this work, I use a Polaroid i-Zone camera and film to create source images, tiny prints which are about the same size as a 35mm slide. This allows me to focus on a memorable element in the landscape. The Polaroid film also has a quality that enhances the transitory feelings of memory, and I then use a computer to alter size and color to optimize the image. The final prints are made with Epson archival paper and inks.”


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