Paranagua, Kitty

Kitty Paranagua, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1955. Graduated in Jornalism at the Catolic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC - RJ ) and post graduated in Photography: image, memory and communication (Fotografía: imagem, memória e comunicação) at Candido Mendes University. Worked at Kastrup agency and Jornal do Brasil newspaper as photographer, from 1979 at 1983.

Kitty Paranagua, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Copacabana, a place well known for everyone. The proximity between the ocean and the city turns it very peculiar. The relation between people and their own bodies, shown public, whithout any ashaiming, beautiful or ugly, firm or flat, I`m looking for to register the interation of these bodies with the urban space, on a hybrid componing living and hot bodies, that mixes with the solid and cold of construtions.

Bodies that estabilish becoming almost a landscape.