Veloso, Guy

Guy Veloso, Belem-Para, Brazil

Guy Benchimol Veloso was born in 1969 and works in Belém, a metropolis of 1.5 million inhabitants in the heart of the Amazon. Graduated in Law (1991), he is a photographer since 1989 with several national and international publications.
It’s part of the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA), Colchester – England; the National Photography Collection, Portuguese Center of Photography, Porto-Portugal; Pirelli / MASP – Arte Museum of Sao Paulo, Joaquim Paiva / MAM- Museum Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and MAM- Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo. His essays are yet made with analog equipment. He makes use of 35mm lenses for, as he says, “getting closer to the people,” which in many cases becomes a true “infighting” in the middle of processions on the streets. The anthropological projects take years to be presented to the public through extensive research and involvement of the photographer. The focus “religion” is the applicant, in particular, “the use of the body as transcendence”.
In 1998 held, with technical support from Antonio Fonseca, the first vernissage broadcasted online in Brazil, first in the world. In 1999 launched the book (text and photos) Milky Way, now in 7th edition. In 2005 started his carrier as curator. In the same year he launches the book Photography in Brazil: A Look from the Origins to the Contemporary by Angela Magalhães e Nadja Peregrino.
In 2007 he exhibited individually at the company where the lenses and machines he uses are made, Leica, in Solms – Germany. In 2011 took part in the show “Generation 00 – The New Brazilian Photography” with curatorial of Eder Chiodetto. In the same year he was curator (along with Rosely Nakagawa) of the Brazilian Contemporary Photography Section in the XXIII Bienal Europalia Arts Festival in Brussels – Belgium. In 2012 took part of the book “150 Years of Photography in Brazil” by Boris Kossoy .Invited by the curators Agnaldo Farias and Moacir dos Anjos, the latest project of Guy Veloso, Penitents: Blood Rites of the fascination to the World’s End, attended the 29th International Biennial of Art of São Paulo – 2010.

"Guy Veloso went searching here - in the depths of the fantastic mysticism of the processions of Father Cicero- a relaxation, or perhaps a metaphor for a world to vast for his 35mm camera. A language well resolved and ready for a blatant leap of quality it insinuates", João Paulo Farkas, Art Critic and photographer. Catalog of the 19th edition of "Arte Pará", 2000.

"India has been the source of inspiration of many photographers of varied generations. In the images of Guy Veloso, the portrait of its people and landscapes emerges with a layer of graphism and a luminosity laboriously worked on in black and white, which stresses the technical development and the permanent passion of the author for the photographic language. Thus, the path chosen by Guy, both in Brazil and in India, shows the affective strings of one who knows how to touch heart of things", Ângela Magalhães e Nadja Peregrino, curators and Researcher in photo-graphy. Text of the individual exposition named "Shanti - The Path of the Indies", 1998.

"Guy escapes from banal, from the exotic, aspects so ordinary in the works of these sort. In his images, we find the signs of time and millenary tradition; however, we cannot keep from perceive the look of the photographer, who seizes with a serenity only reached by those who really know what they photograph", Paulo Mattar, curator of the Visual Arts department of UFF - Fluminense University (Rio de Janeiro). Text of the vernissage of the individual exposition "Shanti – The Path of the Indies", 1998.


Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALE), Colchester, Great Britain;

The National Photography Collection, Portuguese Center of Photography, Porto, Portugal

Pirelli / MASP - Art Museum of Sao Paulo, Brazil

MAR-Art Museum of Rio, Brazil

Joaquim Paiva / MAM-Museum Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MAM - Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil