"visions" 2012



selection 2012

June 23th till July 1st, 2012

Studio Thomas Kellner

Siegen, Germany



Thomas Kellner invites every year personally known colleagues for a group show in his studio. Most of them he has met at exhibitions, meetingplaces or artfairs around the world.

Submissions came this year from more than 90 photographers from 21 countries, such as: Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Switzerland, Czeck Republick, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Israel, India, Italy, New Zeeland, Poland, China, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, United Arabic Emirates, United Kingdom and the USA.

The exhibition end of June shows work by 18 photographers. Each photographer is represented by one selected picture. This year the portfolio award goes to Ursula Tarasiewicz, Lodz/Poland and Oslo/Norway, who will be presented in the June issue of fotomagazin in Germany.
PROFIFOTO, Germany will also publish a selection in his July/August issue.
A solo show is given to Urszula Tarasiewicz at Art Galerie Siegen, opening Sunday June 24.
The exhibition photographers:network selection 2012 will take place June 23rd till July 1st at studio Thomas Kellner Germany.
On Saturday 24th visiting photographers meet at the Museum’s conference room for short lectures and artist’s talks.


Supporting jury 2012:

Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO, Germany
Manfred Zollner, fotoMaGAZIN, Germany
Peggy Sue Amison, Sirius Arts Center, Cobh, Ireland
Barbara Tannenbaum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA
Debra Klomp Ching, Klompching Gallery New York, USA


photographers:network selection 2012
June 23rd – July 1st 2012
studio  Thomas KellnerFriedrichstrasse 42
57072 Siegen
Te.: +49 271 238 33 43
Opening hours Sa & Su 3 – 6 pm



Anne-France Abillon, Vains, France

Pascal Baetens, Lovenjoel, Belgium

Tamany Baker, Bristol, United Kingdom

Marc Baruth, Siegen, Germany

Marco Citron, Pordenone, Italy

Jan Engelhardt, Waiblingen, Germany

Gerald Förster, New York, United States of America

Michael Hallett, Worcester, United Kingdom

Jolana Havelková, Kolín, Czech Republic

Qiu Jun Song, GuangDong PanYu district, GuangZhou, Peoples Republic of  China

Udayan Sankar Pal, Visakhapatnam, India

Wendy Pye, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Sabine Schulz Blank, Berlin, Germany

Ursula Sokolowska, Chicago, United States of America

Ludmila Steckelberg de Santa, Montreal, Canada

Diane Stoppard, Kensington Whangarei, Newzeeland

Urszula Tarasiewicz, Lodz, Poland

Luca Zanier, Zürich, Switzerland


installation shots

photographers:network selection 2012 (Radio Siegen)



June 22rd, 19h: Opening at Studio Thomas Kellner in Siegen


June 23rd, 10-12h: Short Lectures by Sabine Schulz Blank (Berlin), Ann-France Abillon (Vains, Frankreich), Ludjimila Steckelberg de Santa (Montreal, Kanada), Jan Engelhardt (Waiblingen), Urszula Tarasiewicz (Oslo, Norwegen) und Claudia Fährenkemper (Werne), Ralf Litera (Bielefeld), Ferit Kuyas (Zürich, Schweiz) at Museum for Contemporary Art Siegen


June 24rd, 11h: Urszula Tarasiewicz – „Neue Großstadtlegenden“ at Art Galerie Siegen

June 23rd to July 1st 2012
photographers:network selection 2012 – „visions“ at Studio Thomas Kellner Siegen

Short lectures at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MGK) Siegen

Attending photographers giving an insight in their work on Saturday 25 June at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen (MGK)


Sabine Schulz Blank, Berlin, Germany

Ann-France Abillon, Vains, France

Ludjimila Steckelberg de Santa, Montreal, Canada

Jan Engelhardt, Waiblingen, Germany

Urszula Tarasiewicz, Oslo, Norway

Claudia Fährenkemper, Werne, Germany

Ralf Litera, Bielefeld, Germany

Ferit Kuyas, Zurich, Switzerland

Soloshow for Urzula Tarasiewicz at Art Galerie Siegen


Art Galerie Siegen

Urszula Tarasiewicz: Neue Großstadtlegenden

24. Juni 2012 bis zum 15. September 2012

Vernissage: Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012, 11.00 Uhr

Zur Eröffnung spricht: Kirsten Schwarz

first book by ars victoria Verlag Siegen for Urszula Tarasiewicz

Urszula Tarasiewicz:
New Urban Legends

edition 125 / 100 of it with an original print

149,80 Euros

talent award for Ula Tarasiewicz by fotoMAGAZIN

I am delighted to anounce that fotoMagazin has chosen Polish artist Urszula Tarasiewicz and her series, new urban legends, for the talent award.

Profifoto (dt.)

selection 2012


.................. Und trotzdem steht am Ende dieser Betrachtung meist nur ein Wort. „visions“.

Allesamt verbindet eine bestimmte visionäre Kraft. Ob es die Komposition ist, der Eingriff in den Bildbestand, oder die Vorstellungskraft etwas bestimmtes visuell zu verbinden, immer scheint dieser Moment der Vision doch der Tragende zu sein.
Herausfordernd schaut uns so manche Figur entgegen. Einen kleinen Augenblick braucht es bis man in dem Akt von Pascal Baetens den Engel erkennt. Wir folgen der Vorstellungskraft die Pascal bei seiner Aufnahme hatte und schaffen es tatsächlich .......


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Profifoto (en.)

selection 2012




................ But in spite of everything, at the end of the viewing, it all led to one word: "Visions".

Each and every image is connected with a certain visionary strength. Whether it is the composition, the intervention into the image or whether the imagination connects something in the eye - this moment of the vision seems to be the carrying element...


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Poetry of the landscape

In our philosophy classes, thanks to gestalt theory, we learned that the whole may be different from the sum of the parts, which we only perceive in the formal context relating them. Anne-France Abillon, however, invites us to take part in a radically different operation....


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When you stand naked in front of a stranger's camera, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. Laying yourself bare like this quite often triggers intense emotions of long repressed often traumatic experiences. I ask the young women in my pictures -I dislike the word "models"- to reveal how they feel in front of my camera. I invite them to show a hidden part of themselves, to go beyond the happy façade or the fake sexual availability you often find in "babe photography"...

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Untitled 12 from the series Living with Wolfie

Drawing from an MA in Documentary Photography and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, my work examines layers of the psyche and the tension found between the natural world and our modern existence, whether in the ice fields of Iceland or my own back garden.  I work instinctively to respond to my personal experience, using subconscious narratives and a sense of ritual to engage the audience and challenge the “disembodied eye” of Cartesian rationality...


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The Hermit’s Cell

My photographic work deals with two main thematic areas that, I believe, are highly relevant today, and will be considered even more relevant in the years to come. One of these is the concept of reality – what we perceive it to be; what it could be; what it once was. The other is the concept of communication – how do we communicate? Do we communicate at all?...


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The photos follow a dialectic sequence, high position and portraits.
Donetsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine, famous to be a heavily industrialized territory and a coal mining area suffering from urban decay and industrial pollution....


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Small planet - Fallscheer Haus

In Anlehnung an Francis Picabias berühmten Satz: „Der Kopf ist rund, damit
das Denken die Richtung ändern kann“, hat Jan Engelhardt, 34, mit seinen spektakulären Rundumblicken eine ganz besondere Form der Panorama-fotografie gewählt. In seiner präzisen Umschau geht er jedoch weit über die pure Abbildung der Realität hinaus. Jede Ansammlung von Fahrzeugen, jeder Containerstapel, jede Wohnsiedlung, jeder urbane Platz oder Industriebau offenbart in seinen Ausstellungen „small planets“ eine eigene Welt...


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Last Days

Photographed with 4x5 inch negative
Last Days is a wondrous account on my previous journeys around the world, which started in the early 90. through the LightYears project and finally materialized through these new nightcaps, a collection of romanticized human existence, places shifting and changing as we know them, or perhaps don't....


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Olympic Coast

Michael Hallett was born on Portland and brought up in Weymouth. With Olympic Coast he brings together his understanding of local history and heritage and links this with his photographs and the iconographic imagery he calls the ‘photo construction’. With Weymouth & Portland the sailing venue for the 2012 London Olympic Games it is as if the sporting world was coming to his own back yard. Olympic Coast is ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’....


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Regular portion of emotions

In this ensemble Jolana Havelkova thinks of the circumstances under which people attach great importance to inanimate things or even attribute to them human or animal features. Sometimes the objects become prove of mutual relations, or represent their substitution. They may present satisfaction of accomplishment of a variety of relationships and links, may become a memory, or in extreme cases, the addiction to themselves. Some things, such as used clothing, contain even further fetishistic dimension, to which is attributed a special power and to which is subsequently attracted the human mind...


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Photography is all about the eye; you either see things or are influenced to see things. So this collection may help many others to research, learn, emulate and be inspired from the treasure house of photographers of the past, present and even may be the future...


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The series of 5 images is a personal response to being up on Beachy Head at night and sensing the landscape at times to feel otherworldly. The physical creation of light moving through this ominous coastline symbolises a ghostly absence, questioning how we respond to illusions of ethereal presence and our fascination with the supernatural...


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The vicissitudes of time, growth and death, land and people... these are all players in a constantly-evolving absurdist drama. Images are a way of preserving the external world of my senses and the inner landscape of myself...


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Oh dear … Bournemouth


Assumptions on which my work is based:

I: Art and Science look at the same phenomena, only through different spectacles.

II: Art and Science are not separate ways of working, they...


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Untitled #117


This work examines the trauma and uncertainty carried from childhood.  In particular, I am referencing my own upbringing as a Polish immigrant. There is an undercurrent of helplessness and misdirection linked to a sort of schizophrenic parenting, excommunication, and constant movement...


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Untitled 1

The technique used in this new series, in the contrary of the previous one, has as base real photographs, German ones from the 50’, from which I dissemble the images of people, using needlework. The needlework is a technique that makes part of Brazilian culture for centuries now and is passed from grandmother, to mother and daughter. With this work I am only repeating a natural gesture of perpetuating of tradition...


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Gorse Road

Diane Stoppard’s images look at colonial impact, containment and belonging. As a very young land, New Zealand is still being ‘claimed’, altered and owned. Diane’s work explores these issues.


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Urszula Tarasiewicz

New Urban Legends

New Urban Legends is a project/workshop made by me and polish children from Warszawa. It is about magic reality they create living in a very poor environment. The color dreams, the future where everything is possible bland together with dark everyday live...


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Luca Zanier

Space and Energy


Enormous spaces, endless walkways, wide sluices, cryptic signs; all combined with miles of cables and pipes. They form a technical universe that radiates a cool logic. A hidden world, known only to a few and yet which has a huge influence on our day to day lives, absolutely essential in fact. Nuclear power plants, coal-fired power stations, storage facilities for nuclear waste and other energy systems can at the same time intimidate and fascinate a visitor...


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Von: Archive of Photography Exhibition.
Gesendet: Samstag, 30. Juni 2012 02:54
An: Thomas Kellner
Betreff: Re: photographers:network selection 2012

Dear Thomas,
Hope this mail will find you in good health.

Thank you for giving me such an opportunity to take part in Selection 2012. I didn't expect such a big exposure.

It is really a good feeling to see my image on a foreign magazine & on some news papers.

Udayan Sankar Pal.

Von: Ewa Zebrowski
Gesendet: Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012 18:15
An: info@tkellner.com
Betreff: RE: do you come this year for photographers:network meetings?

congratulations to you, thomas.
it is wonderful that you can bring photographers together
in this meaningful way.
best regards, ewa.

ewa monika zebrowski


Von: D. Saunders
Gesendet: Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012 21:05
An: info@tkellner.com
Betreff: RE: do you come this year for photographers:network meetings?

How wonderful, Thomas.


I do hope you will continue to do this (forever?) - - even with how busy your successful career has gotten! Sometimes there are worthwhile things to work on even though the money and/ or kudos gained must be secondary. (or seemingly non-existent! J)

I look forward to visiting sometime in the future - - have a wonderful experience and thanks for the update and invite.




A special thank you for mediapartnership to Thomas Gerwers & Profifoto, Manfred Zollner & fotoMagazin and of course to Siegener Zeitung and Westfälische Rundschau and Westfalenpost and Radio Siegen for local coverage

Thank you for Supporting photographers:network selection 2012

Thank you for Cooperations