"wonderland" 2010


Thomas Kellner reviewed together with his supporting Jury (Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO, Manfred Zollner, fotomagazin, Thomas Schirmböck, ZEPHYR, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim and Lothar Albrecht, L.A. Galerie Frankfurt) all entries.

Thomas Kellner invites every year personally known colleagues for a group show in his studio. Most of them he has met at exhibitions, meetingplaces or artfairs around the world.

Submissions came this year from more than 60 photographers from 20 countries, such as: Brasil, Canada, China, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithunia, The Netherlands, Philipines, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, USA.
The exhibition end of June shows work by 18 photographers. Each photographer is represented by one selected picture. This year the portfolio award goes to Wawi Navarozza from Manila, Philipines, who will be presented in the June issue of fotomagazin in Germany. PROFIFOTO, Germany will also publish a selection in his July issue. The exhibition photographers:network selection 2010 will take place June 26th till July 4th at studio Thomas Kellner Germany. On Saturday 26th visiting photographers meet at the Museum’s conference room for short lectures and artist’s talks.

photographers:network selection 2010 presents works by: Bill Armstrong, Ekaterina Bubnova, Patrizia Casamirra, Claudia Fährenkemper, Corina Gamma, Michael Hallet, Anna Halm Schudel, Rafaelo Kazakov, Katarzyna Majak, William Mokrynski, Felicia Murray, Wawi Navarozza, Dan Nelken, William Oldacre, Mariette Pathy Allen, Daniel Schumann, Takeshi Shikama, Evzen Sobek

photographers:network selection 2010
June 26th – July 4th 2010
studio  Thomas Kellner
Friedrichstrasse 42
57072 Siegen
Te.: +49 271 238 33 43

Opening hours Sa & Su 3 – 6 pm

Lectures at the Museum's conference room on Saturday 26th 10-12

Evzen Sobek, Brno, Czech Republic
Claudia Fährenkemper, Werne, Germany
Daniel Schumann, Bielefeld, Germany
Katarzyna Majak, Warsaw, Poland
William Mokrynski, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jochen Dietrich CZ coaching Zone, Siegen, Germany




Mariette Pathy Allen

Mariette Pathy Allen has photographed the transgender” community” for over 30 years. The photographs shown here are images of fluidity in the relationship of body and mind: Anatomy, self-perception, and choice of partner, are neither fixed nor immutable. ... >>> continue


Bill Armstrong

Renaissance Portraits

Renaissance Portraits is a portfolio of photographs made from re-photographing reproductions of 15th and 16th century paintings with the focusing ring set at infinity.

The resulting blur investigates the nature of perception: the eye continually tries to resolve these images, but is unable to do so.  It is my hope that, in the moment of visual confusion ... >>> continue

Ekaterina Bubnova


I believe that we choose our own destiny.     I would say a freedom is our birthright.   A free will is given to us whether we want it or not.  Children happily accept themselves as they are, with no doubt. They insist: I have come to this world with unlimited abilities! ... >>> continue

Patrizia Casamirra


We are all in motion, a constant migration, inevitable.

It is the human condition. Whatever is still is dead.

Everything circulates, has its cycle, its beginning and end, and then begins again. A vortex in which everything is mixed, where to be hybrid is the only possible form. We can’t be anchored to a fixed identity, ... >>> continue

Claudia Fährenkemper

Fermynwoods Wild Flower Project 2009

- color photograms on black and white paper

Staying in a cottage directly besides a wildflower meadow in summer 2009 I wanted to preserve the plants individuality and singularity around me directly and fast with very poor instruments. I decided to use the simple photogram process from early times of photography when Fox Talbot did his photogenic drawings ... >>> continue

Corina Gamma

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles 10 years ago, I began to photographs the different parts of the city with the attempt to understand the seeming chaos.

During those years of wondering, I have discovered a side of Los Angeles that exists beyond its cliché of Hollywood and Disneyland. Many people come to Los Angeles in quest for a paradise and a new life. Therefore, dream and reality often create intriguing juxtapositions and contradictions, ... >>> continue

Michael Hallet

Michael Hallett challenges the concept of image making with the iconographic imagery he calls the ‘photo construction’. It was a sense of extreme frustration that led to his intellectual pursuit of how to extend the boundaries ... >>> continue

Anna Halm Schudel


My dreams are nightmares. Since more than 40 years the same dream has returned in thousands of variations. I dream of suffering flowers, they need water and light urgently, otherwise they will die. These flowers appear in ... >>> continue

Rafaelo Kazakov


The series RUPTURE examines the urban landscape in Sofia, Bulgaria with the premise that metaphors about city and about Bulgaria consistently visualize themselves in the public and semi-public spaces. The high degree of chaos and neglect ... >>> continue

Katarzyna Majak

Dechirer is the final phase of the project on a wedding dress called ‘Desire’. To some it is “just a story of a wedding which did not happen”. To me it is a story about life, and how external factors, objects, people influence our choices and attitudes.
In the era where documentary photography  is abundant ... >>> continue

William Mokrynski

Nylon Chrysalis

Late one evening back in 1989, I stumbled upon a strange assemblage of wooden planks crisscrossing the façade of a small lot situated between two vacant historic buildings on one of the main streets of my hometown of Toronto. Within the shadows of the city’s glow, it appeared as an organic growth of ... >>> continue

Felicia Murray


I live with a spiritual being who has the form of a dog and who has taught me to perceive the spiritual qualities of all animals.  I am a Tibetan Buddhist  practitioner studying in the tradition of Ati Yoga.. One of the great teachers in this lineage, Drukpa Kunley, never went anywhere without his dog.  Animals gather around and are protected by spiritual masters. .... >>> continue

Wawi Navarozza


Wawi Navarroza interviewed by Manfred Zollner, FotoMAGAZIN, Germany

Manfred Zollner: What attracted you to the Kahlo project?

Wawi Navarroza: One hundred years after the birth of Frida Kahlo, I was appointed to work on an exhibit for the commemoration of her birth centennial (1907-2007) by Instituto Cervantes de Manila.  ... >>> continue

Dan Nelken


This project came about because a fellow artist who used the facility to have steel pieces fabricated for him told me about this place. It was a place that I went to explore for a couple of years whenever I did not have any commercial assignments.

Founded in 1918, Jersey City Welding specializes in custom steel fabrication roll work. They have outlived their competitors, many of whom folded during sagging economic or post-modern expansion. They survive on unique, custom piece work for the architectural and steel fabrication industry. .... >>> continue

William Oldacre

I am a Toronto based Canadian photographer. A lifetime entanglement with music has led me to visually investigate rhythm and pattern in the world. My images stem from skills in computing, psychology, music and an interest in Quantum Physics. .... >>> continue

Daniel Schumann

Am 20. November 2007 erreichte mich in der Jordanischen Wüste die Nachricht vom plötzlichen Tod meiner Großmutter (* 15. April 1920). Mein Bedürfnis, mich von ihr zu verabschieden, blieb am schon geschlossenen Grab unerfüllt. ....Aus dieser Geste des Abschiednehmens ...  >>> continue


Takeshi Shikama


The forest always stands there, motionless, in total stillness.

This is the image I have always had of the forest.

Yet, while continuing to make my way through the folds of trees deep inside the forest, it has dawned upon me that the forest is, ...

continue >>>

Evzen Sobek

Life in Blue

What is the motivation for people to spend their time at the lakeside of the reservoir in the southeastern tip of the Czech Republic? Why do they set up their second homes with bizarre architectural artefacts in this strange environment ... continue >>>

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A special thank you for mediapartnership to Thomas Gerwers & Profifoto, Manfred Zollner & fotoMagazin and of course to Siegener Zeitung and Westfälische Rundschau and Westfalenpost and Radio Siegen for local coverage