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Profession as an artist I 2/4: Studies  
Thomas Kellner about his studies in fine art and Art history  
ClampArt Gallery 4/4: Brian Paul Clamp, an interview  
An interview with Brian Paul Clamp Life before the gallery As the founder of the ClampArt Gallery, you are very successful in the business. Of course, I am especially interested in your life and…  
ClampArt Gallery 3/4: Represents Bill Armstrong  
About Concord in Massachusetts, is the place of birth of Bill Armstrong (1952). The city is also the birthplace of American Transcendentalism and the first site of the Revolutionary War battle.…  
ClampArt Gallery 2/4: Introducing ClampArt Gallery New York  
Introducing Clampart Gallery New York City is, with more than 1500 galleries, one of the most prominent centers for art galleries in the world. Artists and collectors from everywhere come either to…  
Profession as an artist I 1/4: Childhood  
How does a kid become an artist. Read here how I was trained in my childhood.  
Clampart Gallery 1/4: Ken Graves and Eva Lipman – Restraint + Desire  
Ken Graves and Eva Lipman Among the artists being currently presented by the ClampArt Gallery are Ken Graves and Eva Lipman. Ken Graves (1942-2016) was an American street photographer recognized for…  
Klompching Gallery 4/8: Curious devices & other objects  
The Exhibition An exhibition of the KlompChing Gallery in New York CURIOUS DEVICES & OTHER OBJECTS JEANETTE MAY MAX DE ESTEBAN REBECCA HACKEMANN KlompChing Gallery. A gallery in New York…  
Klompching Gallery 3/8: Video interview with Debra Klomp Ching  
An Interview with Debra Klomp Ching Debra Klomp Ching is a co-owner of New York's Klompching Gallery. Founded in 2007, the gallery specializes in contemporary photography, which it shows throughout…  
Klompching Gallery 2/8: Elaine Duigenan  
One artist represented by the Klompching gallery is Elaine Duigenan, a British photographer born in 1964 who lives and works in London. Elaine Duigenan focusses on objects, familiar and ordinary…  
Klompching Gallery 1/8: Presentation  
New York City is a major center for art galleries, it counts the greatest concentration of galleries on the planet. Artists and collectors from around the world come for a visit in search for…  
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