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Contact sheet 1997–2013 by Galerie Vrais Reves  
Contact sheet 1997–2013 The catalog "Contacts" by Thomas Kellner shows central works of his cubist-deconstructivist montages in proof sheet of world-famous architecture from 1997 to 2013 from the…  
Black & White 1997–2005 by Galerie Vrais Reves  
Catalog by Galerie Vrais Reves in Lyon, France on the early Black & White images 1997–2005 in proof sheets.  
Thomas Kellner – Dancing Walls  
The Photographic View on the Interior This illustrated book from 2007 contains works by photo-artist Thomas Kellner where he concentrates on building’s interiors instead of facades. Kellner traveled…  
Houston we've had a problem photobook  
Take a look at the Houston we've had a problem photobook by Siegen Fine Art photographer  
2018: Flucticulus - Waves of Isbjerget  
Thomas Kellners Photobook 2018: Flucticulus - Waves of Isbjerget, Collages of architecture and Nature  
Genius loci – Two german gentlemen in the land of the Tsarz, by Thomas Kellner  
Genius loci – Two german gentlemen in the land of the Tsarz, by Thomas Kellner  
Genius Loci – Ural around Yekaterinburg  
A Catalog about the architecture around Jekaterinburg in the Ural region by Siegen fine art photographer Thomas Kellner  
Thomas Kellner – Germany – view from inside out  
A journey along the boder In his series Deutschland-Grenzgänge (Germany-crossing borders) or Blick nach Draußen (view to the outside) from 1996, Kellner uses a pinhole camera to show us a new…  
Welcome to Thomas Kellner's BLOG  
A warm welcome! Thank you for stopping by. While my website is mainly about current exhibitions and projects, I would like to offer you a bit more background information on my BLOG. On a daily basis…  
Profession as an artist II 4/4: working on the road  
Preparation for working on the road and different projects Working on the road is very different from working in the studio. I photograph buildings all over the world, which of course requires…  
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