Welcome to Thomas Kellner's BLOG

A warm welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

While my website is mainly about current exhibitions and projects, I would like to offer you a bit more background information on my BLOG. On a daily basis I send press releases to regional media, which you can find in my newsroom. The daily work on and with my artworks in the studio is difficult to present or convey. Perhaps I will succeed better, in which I dedicate myself once fully to the profession of the artist and all its facets.

Profession of an artist

Often I was asked, how did you get to art, and at least as often I have already told others in very long interviews. So here is a regular post about my path in art and my view of the profession as an artist. This certainly includes questions about my life path, as well as questions about copyright, how art is created, or what logistics are necessary. Mostly, each area has its own little stories, which I am very happy to tell at this point. For example something like: Can I photograph the Capitol, or the Parthenon? Sure, but not?

Orders and Commissions

In addition, I would like to introduce you to a side that is very important for many artists: the relationship with collectors and clients. Here I present some of my patrons and clients, their philosophy, their company and also the work that was commissioned. There is talk of restructuring the conditions for art in construction at the state level, but it is not only there that artists can put their skills at the service of clients, but also with private collectors or large companies. Sometimes I have been very successful in involving companies in my exhibition projects and also in developing long-term relationships. Often fascinating works are created there, which are not always to be seen in the exhibition circus.

New York

Of course, every artist wants to exhibit once in New York, which I was already granted twice in solo exhibitions. For a while I was in New York at least once a year, regularly more often. At the fairs I was allowed to get to know many gallery owners from New York worldwide and also learned to appreciate the work of the artists they represent.  Every now and then I will introduce you to a gallery and its artists from New York, so that you can share something of this vibrant life of the American metropolis.


If the pandemic allows it, I will pick an exhibition and institution once in a while where I am currently exhibiting and introduce the exhibition, its curators and the institution a bit more intensively. That seemed easy until last year, since exhibition planning often starts two, three, or many more years in advance. For this year, we were able to prepare it very well. I hope the situation normalizes a bit and we can continue this series as well.

Have fun and thank you

In the past years we restructured the whole communication (thanks to Thorsten Junge) developed a new design (thanks to Leif Heuser www.grafikbuero-koeln.de, implemented it graphically in all media (thanks to Peter Büdenbender www.pebuero.de, and especially thanks for the technical support to Thomas Paar www.paar-it.de/), not to forget all the hardworking hands of the interns who are now correcting, translating, revising and writing texts for this BLOG almost daily in the background on the 10.000 migrated pages.
So welcome! I am looking forward to a new adventure.