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Houston photobook

The photographic look to the space – A dream comes true

This illustrated book contains works by the photo-artist Thomas Kellner who traveled to Houston, the USA in 2009 and accompanied the astronaut Leland Melvin at his mission to the space station ISS. There he took photographs of the Mission Control Center and experienced the start of the Space Shuttle Atlantis flying into the space. The impressive and unseen pictures can be discovered in his new book now.
“Three years ago, I presented NASA with a rather unique photographic project. By then, I was known as a German photographer who is regularly invited to display at FotoFest Houston and lends his experience to emerging professionals. (…) I remember the day with Laura at Johnson Space Center…both as lively and fun. My sheer enthusiasm, wonderment and curiosity were uncontained. Not unlike the proverbial kid in a candy store, delighted with Mission Control as the treat…and I was allowed to indulge. It was only a matter of time until I spotted the iconic “red phone” in the Apollo room. Sure enough, I grabbed it and pretended to call the President. (…) NASA is a big visual producer of images we all grew up with—the rockets, the shuttle, the space station—pictures from space; pictures of Earth…I want to give the images NASA puts into our world an artistic comment.”
(Thomas Kellner, 2013: Visions of Mission Control. In: Houston, we’ve had a problem!)

“By inviting us into Mission Control, Thomas Kellner reestablishes the humanness of space, the work and the need that have together allowed us to expand our world beyond the planet we inhabit.  The energy and excitement in this endeavor is palpable.  Kellner spent more than ten years trying and working to make his space project happen, and his longing can be felt in the photographs.  It is the age-old human longing to map the great unknown. (…) Kellner and Melvin’s presence draws the viewer into the image, encouraging us to place ourselves in Mission Control.  While this is an unusually overt inclusion of the human element, it is not the most significant.  For how Kellner truly reintroduces the human element to outer space is in the space between.  It is the space between the fragmented frames of the image, which we must hold together, activated and engaged through our vision.  It is the space between us here and the people and machines we send out there.  It is the space between images on a contact sheet, black as the void of cosmic antimatter that is the source of all matter, of all human creativity.  In Kellner’s photographs the space of space is reopened, reminding us of the freedom and promise of outer space” 
(Allison Pappas, 2013: The Space Between. In: Houston, we’ve had a problem!)

Houston, we've had a problem

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The special edition of the NASA book

One of the 4 images, which were done in this story around Houston and "Houston, we have a problem" has been edited in 100 copies to support the production of this wonderful book: The majestic shuttle on the ramp at night.

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Detailed information about my NASA book

Title: Thomas Kellner – Houston, we've had a problem
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Authors: Roy Flukinger, Allison Pappas, Melissa Noble
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Content: 48 pages, 36 plates
Size: 30 x 30 cm, hardcover with dust-jacket
Languages: German, English
Publisher: seltmann+söhne
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 978-3-942831-77-2
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Price: 39,90 Euros
Edition of the special edition: 100 pieces
Price of the special edition: 290,– Euros


Thank you to Leland Melvin.

A few friends have helped to raise the funds for this gorgeous book. Thank you so much! Without you I would have not been able to print this wonderful book!

Thank you to:
Art Galerie, Helga Oberkalkofen, Dietlinde Bamberger, Ardis A. Bartle, Jan und Anne Behle, John Blaisdell, Laurie Blavin, Philipp Bojahr, Michael Bolus und Maria Freericks, Gabriele Bossmann, Birgit Bremer, Max Busch und Anna Necki, Bernd und Erika Dreisbach, Thomas Fischer, Theodor Gräbener, Gerd-Michael und Marion  Hagemeyer, Uwe und Christiane Howe, Terry Hughes, Richard S. Jackson, Jessie Jonas, Christian B. Jung, Thorsten Junge, Norbert Kandziora, Elisabeth  Kellner, Ferit Kuyas, Johannes Linden, Jörg Lehmann, Andrea Mendes, Pablo Magee, Galerie Maurer, Wolfgang Maurer, Robert Mison, Uwe Müller, Jörg Neuenhausen und Insa Brandl, Arno Ohrndorf, Nancy and Tom O‘Neil, Paul Otter, Rolf und Susan Philips, Martin Rücker, Ilnort Rueda, Guido Schmidt, Ingo Schultze-Schnabl und Gerlinde Schnabl, Städtische Galerie Iserlohn, Rainer Danne, The Beth Block Foundation, Charlene Block, Karl Szwillus, Robert und Nelly Thomas, Peter Wiklund.