Contact sheet 1997–2013 by Galerie Vrais Reves

Contact sheet 1997–2013

The catalog "Contacts" by Thomas Kellner shows central works of his cubist-deconstructivist montages in proof sheet of world-famous architecture from 1997 to 2013 from the series Monuments, Dancing Walls, Tango Metropolis, Brasília and genius loci. The unique images of "dancing" structures such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower are analog contact sheets of hundreds of shots.

In this series, Kellner's eye falls on both the external form of the structures and the interiors of the buildings, where he makes walls seem to dance. The fact that Thomas Kellner manages to breathe new life into icons of architecture that have probably been seen thousands of times is what distinguishes his work.

"Is it possible to imagine a drunken building? The dance of a monument for the sound of a fairy tale? A building that sways? These are some of the questions that arise when Thomas Kellner works and shows in a new, original way some of the most photographed buildings in the metropolises of the world. The result is unique." (Bangsund-Pedersen, DitteM.)

Contacts by Galerie Vrais Reves

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Details about this catalog of proof sheets

Title: Thomas Kellner – Contacts 1997-2013
Editor: Galerie Vrais Rêves
Author: Jean Arrouye 
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Content: 40 pages, 35 plates
Size: 21 × 20,6 cm, staple-bound
Language: French
Publisher: /
Edition: 1000
Release Date: 2014
Price: 15 Euros
Edition of the special edition /
Price of the special edition /

Analog contact sheet

The catalog of the gallery Vrais Reves gives a good insight into the most important projects of the last 15 years. These were Monuments (1997-continuing), Tango Metropolis (2004-continuing), Dancing Walls (2005-2007), Brasília (2004-2009) and Genius Loci (2012-2014). 

Monuments deals with famous European buildings, such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, to give a new coat of paint to architectural structures that have been photographed countless times. While Monuments focuses on the exterior, Dancing Walls is not about the facades, but the interiors of the buildings. What do the cubic buildings look like inside? In Tango Metropolis, buildings from around the world are captured in large format: The photos are larger, the resolution is higher, and there are more components and details than before. The reason for the six-year project Brasília – 50 Years of a Modern Utopia was an invitation to create an exhibition on Oscar Niemeyer's modernist architecture for the city's 50th anniversary. The photographs not only show the city's most important architectural landmark, they also refer to the architect's earlier visions and expose the two sides of modernism. The project Genius Loci – Two German Lords of Siegen in the Land of the Tsars deals in an artistic-photographic way with two important industrial areas in Germany and Russia, which are connected by the common history of industrial culture.

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Thank you to Galerie Vrais Reves for this wonderful gallery catalog on my contact sheet.