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Poster Open Studio introducing St. Basils Church Moscow  
Thomas Kellner presents on his open studio poster 2015 St. Basil's Cathedral 2015.  
2019: Kellner, Küche, Bad  
Kellner / Küche / Bad In 2019, Thomas Kellner had to leave his beloved studio in Friedrichstraße after more than 20 years. The city of Siegen had given up the idea of an artists' house and Thomas…  
Exhibition poster Tango Metropolis at Kunstverein Numbrecht  
Poster for Tango Metropolis in Numbrecht Next to Black & White, Tango Metropolis is probably Thomas Kellner's best-known exhibition. 2020 Thomas Kellner was very much looking forward to the…  
Poster Tango Metropolis Halle 2022  
Exhibition poster Tango Metropolis from Hallescher Kunstverein The exhibition Tango Metropolis is one of the most successful exhibitions and was shown in 2022 by the Hallescher Kunstverein in Halle…  
Exhibition poster "Visuell analytische Synthese"  
Exhibition poster "Visuell analytische Synthese, Fotografien von Thomas Kellner"  
Limitierter Druck vom Reichstag in Berlin  
Limitierter Druck vom Reichstag in Berlin  
2012: The week before Sandy hit New York, 2012  
Limited offset print Manhattan Skyline In 2012 Thomas Kellner had the great opportunity to photograph a panorama of New York and chose the view from Dumbo on Manhattan. It was bitterly cold that…  
Limited edition offset print of St. Basil's Cathedral  
Limited edition offset print of St. Basil's Cathedral  
signed art cups  
Fine Art on a cup In 2014, DRG Group from Marburg acquired the image rights of the Brandenburg Gate at night for its art cup edition, an art cup series. The coffee cups were numbered and given away.…  
Chamber of Architects presents new image  
Presenting new Work at the Chamber of Architects in North Rhine-Westfalia in DuesseldorfSuccessful conclusion of the exhibition at the Chamber of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia…  
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