2019: Kellner, Küche, Bad

Kellner / Küche / Bad

In 2019, Thomas Kellner had to leave his beloved studio in Friedrichstraße after more than 20 years. The city of Siegen had given up the idea of an artists' house and Thomas Kellner was looking for a new studio. Here he sells a signed poster with the dimensions 42 x 59,5cm. The posters "Kellner/ Kitchen/ Bathroom" were created due to the move out of the Friedrichstraße and the associated search for a new studio.

Signed poster Kellner / Küche / Bad

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Detailed information about Kellner / Küche / Bad

Title: Kellner.Küche.Bad
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Size: 42 x 59,5cm, offset-print
Publisher: Thomas Kellner
Release Date: 2018
Edition: N.N.
Price: 20 Euros

Thank you Thorsten

Thank you to Thorsten for doing this shoot with me. Will always be remembered as one of my best campaigns ever!

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