Poster Open Studio introducing St. Basils Church Moscow

Open Studio Poster presents St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow

For the Open Studio 2015 Thomas Kellner presented, among many other works from Flucticulus and also his installation Mein Opa war bei der SS, his new work Basilius Cathedral Moscow from the series Tango Metropolis.  In the course of the exhibitions with the series genius loci Thomas Kellner had also come to Moaskau. Among many other presentations, specifically between 2011 to 2015 there was an annual re-presentation of a work from this series. Fashionable at that time were newspaper formats as exhibition catalogs and so Thomas Kellner developed a poster in the cross-fold that served not only as an exhibition poster, but also as a mediator of all the information that an artist wants to give his work.

In the Atelier Friedrichstraße, the last municipal studios to close in 2019, Thomas Kellner worked from 1998-2019. In the annual Open Studios, the artists of the house regularly showed new works and opened the house to an open studio operation to make the process of art making visible to the outside.

Poster Open Studio 2015 with St. Basil's Church in Moscow

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Detailed information about

Title: Open Studio 2015
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Format: 42 x 52,5 cm
Publisher: Thomas Kellner
Edition: open
Release Date: September 26, 2015
Price: 20 Euros

Acknowledgement for this open studio poster 2015

Thank you to Marc Babenschneider for the design of this open studio poster in 2015