Exhibition poster Tango Metropolis at Kunstverein Numbrecht

Poster for Tango Metropolis in Numbrecht

Next to Black & White, Tango Metropolis is probably Thomas Kellner's best-known exhibition. 2020 Thomas Kellner was very much looking forward to the exhibition at the Kunstverein Nümbrecht, not far from his hometown Siegen. Very interesting guests came to the opening and Chiara Manon Bohn gave one of her speeches published today in Monumente. Unfortunately, the exhibition was closed with the beginning of the pandemic and only a few visitors had the opportunity to experience this very beautiful presentation in the rooms of the Kunstverein in Nümbrecht. What remained was the poster, of which there are only very few surviving and, moreover, signed copies.

Signed poster Tango Metropolis by Thomas Kellner

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Detailed information about Tango Metropolis poster

Title: Thomas Kellner Tango Metropolis
Editor: Kunstverein Numbrecht
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Format: 29,8 x 42 cm
Publisher: Thomas Kellner
Release Date: 2020
Edition: N.N.
Price: 20 Euros

Thank you to Kunstverein Numbrecht

Thank you to Kunstverein Numbrecht for this lovely poster

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