Exhibition poster "Visuell analytische Synthese"

Visual Analytical Synthesis

In 2019, after more than 10 years of work on my bibliography, requested with the head of the University Library Dr Jochen Johannsen an exhibition in the Siegen University Library in the Lower Castle. For this extraordinary exhibition with book drafts, sketchbooks, magazines and many other publications my first bibliography appeared. There are still some signed posters of this important exhibition for sale.

Poster for the exhibition Visual Analytical Synthesis by Thomas Kellner

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Details for the exhibition poster of visual analytical synthesis

Title: Ausstellung, Visuell Analytische Synthese, Fotografien von Thomas Kellner
Editor: University of Siegen
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Size: 30 x 42 cm
Publisher: University of Siegen
Release Date: November 20, 2019
Edition: N.N.
Price: 20 Euros

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Thank you to Dr. Jochen Johannsen

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