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Corporate Art Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik 1/4

Heinrich Georg GmbH is a globally active mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Kreuztal in the northern Siegerland region.

Corporate Art EJOT 4/4

Corporate Art blog entry about Thomas Kellner and his work with Ejot.

Corporate Art EJOT 3/4

Blog about the corporate art with EJOT and their artworks

Corporate Art EJOT 2/4 (Video)

Corporate Art about the company EJOT in Bad Berleburg Part 2/4

Corporate Art EJOT 1/4

Corporate Art with the company Ejot

Corporate Art 1: Fischer Elektronik 4/4

A biography of the Sauerland entrepreneur Thomas Fischer from Lüdenscheid.

Corporate Art 1: Fischer Elektronik 3/4

The successful company Fischer Elektronik and its products for the electrical industry.

Corporate Art 1: Fischer Elektronik 2/4

Thomas Kellner's Quotes and Waves in the Thomas Fischer Art Collection.

Corporate Art I: Fischer Elektronik 1/4

Thomas Fischer of Fischer Elektronik in an video interview about his art collection.