Corporate Art Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik 2/4

Art in the machine factory Georg

On Thursday 6 July 22 we visited the company Georg in Kreuztal. We met Thomas Kleb, the Managing Director Corporate Services & Member of the Board of Directors and Thomas Weber the Head of Customer Relations of Georg.  At the entrance of Georg Haus, which is very elegant and spacious, there is art of fine art photographer Thomas Kellner. The work just represents the facade of the building. But our visit was focused on the other works of the company. The company will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. And the artworks that can be seen there carry all the pride of this family business. Therefore, we want to introduce the company's artworks.

During the visit we noticed that the company is very big. We visited several buildings. We started with the transformer building. In this building there is the work of Harald Simon a German artist. He is particularly fascinated by materials such as paper, glass, wood, which inspire with their structures and lend themselves to artistic decoration. His work for the company Georg was made in 2008. It consists of several gray, blue and black metal pieces. It is an abstract art, which nevertheless reminds us again and again that the family business is a mechanical engineering company.



Mechanical engineering art

Also in the transformer house, at the entrance on the left, we can admire a collage representing the different machines that the company manufactures.


Art in the staircase

Then, opposite the visitors, a staircase presents itself, which then splits into a right and a left part. On both sides we also find collages. The one on the left corresponds to the entire site of the Georg company in Kreuztal. The one on the right represents the history of the family business. Here we see the founder Heinrich Georg, but also a photo showing the beginnings of the company. Between the collages we see a large, rather sober poster celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company.


There are three more collages made by a friend of the current CEO, Mark Georg. They are also related to the representation of the company. These works were created using photos from the time, newspaper articles, but also invoices! For example, at the first work we can see an invoice in D-Mark about the purchase of a Mercedes Benz by Heinrich Georg.

Heinrich Georg's office

Later, we have the opportunity and good fortune to visit Heinrich Georg's office, which has been preserved in its original form. As we entered this room full of memories and history, we could catch sight of several paintings. First, at the entrance, we have a painting representing Otto Georg, Heinrich Georg's father who started the machine shop. Then, at the end of a table that seems to be the table where meetings took place and decisions were made, we can admire the portrait of the one who took over his father's workshop, Heinrich Georg.

Finally, if we take a closer look at the works that the Georg company owns, we find that they are closely linked to the history of the company. Through these factories we feel the pride of this local company that has managed to expand abroad. We can conclude that the factories represent the soul of this company. 

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