Corporate Art EJOT 1/4

Corporate Art EJOT 1/4

History of the company

EJOT is a medium-sized group of companies specialising in fastening technology for the automotive/supplier industry and the electrical industry. The head office is located in Berghausen near Bad Berleburg in the district of Siegen Wittgenstein. Looking back at the history of the company, the rapid development of the company cannot be overlooked.
Adolf Böhl founded the company of the same name in 1922 in the small village of Berghausen in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein. After Böhl's death in 1960, his nephew Hans Werner Kocherscheidt took over the company. In 1965, the Eberhard Jaeger fastener manufacturing company near Laasphe was taken over. The initial initials of Eberhard Jaeger gave the name to EJOT. In the 1970s, the already started diversification strategy was continued with the start of the injection moulding business. In addition to injection moulded parts, technically high-quality fasteners made of plastic/metal composites were also produced. By the end of the 1970s the product range was extended by elements for thermal insulation of fixed constructions. EJOT develops into a market leader in this field and covers approx. 80 % of the German demand. With the invention of the PT® screw EJOT achieved one of the most important technological innovations at the end of the 1970s, a self-tapping screw for thermoplastics, which became the market leading product.
In the 1980s, sales expanded to Great Britain, Norway and France as well as Russia, USA, UAE, Mexico and China. There are now 35 companies in 33 different countries. EJOT employs approx. 3,800 people worldwide. Besides the German production sites in Bad Berleburg, Bad Laasphe and Tambach-Dietharz, EJOT produces in China, Great Britain, Brasil, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA and Finland. In addition, the company has numerous sales companies around the globe.
With the death of Hans Werner Kocherscheidt in April 2017, EJOT lost its founder, who formed the EJOT Group with 3,850 employees worldwide and a turnover of more than 500 million euros with high personal commitment and entrepreneurial vision.

Company philosophy

However, there is also a certain philosophy behind EJOT. They are aware of the responsibility they have for their employees and the environment. Therefore, EJOT also follows certain ideas and philosophies. They are particularly committed to the compatibility of work and family. The company was awarded the "audit berufundfamilie" seal of quality by berufundfamilie Service GmbH in 2011. In 2014 and 2017, the commitment in this area was confirmed by the re-audit. Flexible working hours are just as much a part of this as holiday camps for employees' children, a contact programme for those on parental leave or external counselling services for various problem situations. In this way, the company proves how important the well-being of its employees is to them and offers an exemplary working environment.
Furthermore, EJOT also stands for regional sponsoring and commitment. For example, the company is the main sponsor of the triathlon club EJOT Team TV-Buschhütten, which is represented in the 1st Bundesliga. Therefore, there is no loss of regional solidarity for the group of companies despite their international expansion. In addition to the social aspects, EJOT is also aware of its role for the environment and ecology. Their products help them to achieve these goals, because screws are basically detachable products and can therefore be recycled, as well as the whole component. By using innovative products, the material thicknesses can also be reduced. This is particularly important in the automotive construction because it not only saves raw materials, but the lightweight structure also reduces fuel consumption effectively. As you can see from the examples, EJOT is characterised by responsible action and commitment.  Due to their exemplary function, EJOT wants to be a transparent and sustainable company for customers as well as for their employees. Their performance is based on the highest quality, which has enabled them to become a respected company in the field of fastening technology. EJOT wants to maintain and expand this position in the future.


Sustainability is also an important aspect for the future perspective of the company. Therefore, EJOT permanently works on the development of its products to make them even better and environmentally sustainable. Because the continuous improvement of the production process is not only an economic factor, but also an environmental factor. The constantly improved products are intended to reduce the impact on the environment in order to continuously ensure environmental protection. EJOT is also a pioneer in the construction industry. On the one hand, their products are used to fasten renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics, on the other hand, their anchors contribute to the insulation of buildings. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for fastening systems, substructure systems and construction threaded screws is constantly being developed and updated.


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