Corporate Art 1: Fischer Elektronik 3/4

The company Fischer Elektronik

As soon as names like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein appear, you are aware of what it's about. The importance of technical and electronic progress is borne by companies like Fischer Elektronik GmbH, which form the indispensable basis for modern technologies and ensure that it is possible in every German household to simply press the light switch or start the vacuum cleaner.
The company was founded in 1968 in Pernze near Bergneustadt, Germany, and moved to Luedenscheid in the Sauerland, Germany, in its first business year. Additional sister companies were founded between the 1970s and 1980s. In 1989 the merger to today's Fischer Elektronik GmbH took place. Thomas Fischer, the second generation, continues the family business and leads the company into the digital age of information and communication technologies.
Fischer Elektronik currently employs around 400 people in the modern office buildings and production halls in Luedenscheid, Germany. More than 50 contacts worldwide consolidate the company's global reach, which enables the high export share of over a third of the total production and ensures personal contact with the customer.
The Sauerland-based company offers its customers a wide range of over 75,000 individual items, as well as a wide range of alloys and individually designed products that are produced according to the needs of the individual customer. Using the latest storage technology provides to manage the huge inventory of the range in the company.
Top priority is given to the best possible implementation of the continuous adjustment process and, above all, to maintaining the high level of performance in the company-internal production. The firm applies only selected raw materials for the high-quality manufacture of electronic items and consults environmentally friendly measures such as permanent emission reductions and constant wastewater treatment to ensure a responsible environmental policy of Fischer Elektronik.
Progress means change and movement in every way. The family-owned company Fischer Elektronik has recognized this and is continuously adapting to technical progress, for example by developing new types of heat sinks that have been developed for LED technology and removed obsolete technologies from the range.
Together with the well-known artist Thomas Kellner, the company manifested the constantly appearing technological floods in a four-part series of unique artworks. Powerful waves come together in a fantastic collage work of the individual product groups of the industrial firm and illustrate the symbol of the progressive change.
“The wave is […] a symbol for life as such and for the economy […]. We have seen waves again and again [...] where we went uphill and we have always [experienced] times when it went [...] downhill and somewhere [...] it is always a sign of hope [because from the] wave valley it always [getting better].” (Thomas Fischer; personal correspondence; Luedenscheid, Germany; July 10, 2020).


Fischer Elektronik GmbH und Co. KG
Nottebohmstrasse 28
DE 58511 Luedenscheid
+49 23514350


Christina Kaiser, born September 6, 2000 in Siegen

Studies:Media Studies with Management and History 

Internship: 2020 at studio Thomas Kellner 

Special interests: history, politics, literature, culture, ballet, photography and volleyball 

Goals: To become a writer