Corporate Art EJOT 3/4

Ejot and their artworks

As soon as one enters the building of the Ejot group of companies, one has a multitude of paintings and photographs that catch the visitor's eye, in addition to the company's exhibition products. A wide range of different works and styles can be observed as soon as you enter the building. However, these are not randomly selected pictures, but rather organised projects by Ejot. Through these projects, pictures and works were created and displayed at various locations of the group of companies.


One of these projects was led by Hilde Diekamp, a freelance artist who also serves as an academic advisor for free drawing and painting at the Technical University in Darmstadt. She herself also painted three pictures for Ejot, which decorate the stairwell at the Tambach plant. Before the paintings were created, Ms Diekamp had visited the production plant and seen the company's products. When she was in the factory, she had looked at the disc where the screws run over the scanner in a controlled and precise way. She depicted this process in her pictures. In particular, she wanted to depict the circles as a form of control.
She also led an art project Malen in der Fabrik with her students in the architecture department for the Ejot group of companies. Several students walked around the company and were inspired by various factors. This resulted in pictures and paintings of machines, screws etc. The paintings by Ulrich Sieben, who depicted the Aue plant, particularly stood out. He had sat down on the park bench in front of the company building right at the beginning and started to paint the building. The final result of the painting "EJOT" was shown as an image brochure on the front page. The student Sabine Gollner also made a picture for the company group. In this picture she painted everything she could observe and perceive on that day. She painted over the individual elements again and again. But you can still recognise the depicted objects and people in the final picture. The longer you look at the picture, the more subtleties and motifs become visible. The picture is currently hanging in the office of Mr Kocherscheidts (Managing Director of the Ejot company).

In addition to the pictures by Ms Diekamp and her students, photographs by Dr. Jochen Dietrich also hang in the company building. Dr. Dietrich works as a director of studies at the Stift-Keppel boarding school. For the Ejot photographs, he also took the products as his motif. He depicted the dowels, screws and clips with slightly altered shapes. The bright and colourful pictures are also distributed throughout the company building.

Of course, other pictures by Thomas Kellner also hang in the Bad Berleburg factory. His picture of the Chicago Bridge is one of Mr Kocherscheidt's favourites. He associates the picture with his personal relationship to the city of Chicago and has therefore also displayed the photographic art in his personal office. Next to the Chicago picture is another picture by Thomas Kellner, which also reflects typical Kellner cubist styles. This is material taken from the company's production hall and the corresponding sketches. In the conference room of the company hangs the picture "Rote Feuerwelle". This is the logistics hall of Ejot, which was photographed in the Flucticulus series. In addition, there are two more pictures by Thomas Kellner in the conference room, one of the factories in Bad Laasphe and one of the production halls. All three pictures decorate the large conference room and impressively link art and business.

As you can see from the various examples, the art collection is not only a visual factor for Ejot, but also embraces the production and corporate aspect of the company in an excellent way. In this way, neither the artworks nor the company lose touch with each other.


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Simranjit Kang, 21.09.1998 Jalandhar/India
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