"hope" 2011

photographers:network selection 2011

Thomas Kellner reviewed together with his supporting Jury (Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO, Manfred Zollner, fotomagazin, Christoph Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin and Helga Oberkalkofen, Art Galerie Siegen) all entries.

Thomas Kellner invites every year personally known colleagues for a group show in his studio. Most of them he has met at exhibitions, meetingplaces or artfairs around the world.

Submissions came this year from more than 60 photographers from 17 countries, such as: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands,  Poland,  Switzerland,  USA.
The exhibition end of June shows work by 18 photographers. Each photographer is represented by one selected picture. This year the portfolio award goes to Monika Merva, Brooklyn NY, USA, who will be presented in the June issue of fotomagazin in Germany.
PROFIFOTO, Germany will also publish a selection in his July issue.
A solo show is given to ferit Kuyas at Art Galerie Siegen, opening Sunday June 26.

The exhibition photographers:network selection 2011 will take place June 25th till July 3rd at studio Thomas Kellner Germany.
On Saturday 25th visiting photographers meet at the Museum’s conference room for short lectures and artist’s talks.



photographers:network selection 2011 presents works by: Tatyana Bessmertnaya, United States of America, Max de Esteban, Spain, Luis Delgado Qualtrough, United States of America, Marie Docher, France, Odette England, United Kingdom, Lorena Guillen Vaschetti, Argentina, Jenny Gummersal, United States of America, Laura Heyman, United States of America, Thomas Kleynen Germany, Ferit Kuyas, Switzerland, Monika Merva, Brooklyn, United States of America, Inger Lise Rasmussen, Denmark, Ellen Rennard, United States of America, Jutta Schmidt, Germany, Karen M.    Strom    United States of America, Michael Wagener, Germany, Donna J. Wan, United States of America, Ewa Monika Zebrowski, Canada.

photographers:network selection 2011
June 25th – July 3rd 2011
studio  Thomas Kellner
Friedrichstrasse 42
57072 Siegen
Te.: +49 271 238 33 43

Opening hours Sa & Su 3 – 6 pm

installation views


A special thank you for mediapartnership to Thomas Gerwers & Profifoto, Manfred Zollner & fotoMagazin and of course to Westfälische Rundschau and Westfalenpost for local coverage


Anfang 2011 habe ich wieder Kollegen und Freunde weltweit eingeladen, die ich im Laufe der letzten Jahre kennen gelernt habe, an diesem Projekt teilzunehmen. Es sind allesamt meist junge Kollegen, die ich bei Festivals, auf den Kunstmessen und in meinen Galerien oder bei Ausstellungen kennen gelernt habe. Mit manchem von ihnen verbinden sich bereits ......

fotomagazin Talent award for Monika Merva

Monika Merva hat für ihr Projekt "The City of Children" bei der photographers:network Jurierung in diesem Jahr den Portfolio Award von fotoMAGAZIN bekommen.... readmore

La Fotografía actual

The Spanish Magazin La Fotografía Actual, Concepción Alarcón Guthiérrez, gives a nice report about the exhibition and selection at German artist's studio Thomas Kellner, photographers:network, selection 2011

Tatyana Bessmertnaya

I have never lived in one place for long. I was born in Ukraine, moved to Russia, then to the United States and from one city to another...  >>>more

Max de Esteban

These photographs are meditations on today’s loss of collective ideals...  >>>more

Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado Qualtrough’s photographic work integrates narrative and sequential still images to create...  >>>more

Marie Docher

The aim of this work is an attempt to illustrate my mental space, what constitutes me as...  >>>more

Odette England

England is particularly interested in the complexities of recording 'invisible stuff' and in withholding, concealing, even... >>>more

Lorena Guillen Vaschetti

When my mother decided to through away all family’s slides she was hoping to lift up a heavy weight from me...  >>>more

Jenny Gummershall

The subject of horses as landscape, as abstracted forms and by the flow of their movement...  >>>more

Laura Heyman

The series Pa Bouje Ankò: Don’t Move Again began with the following question; “Can someone from the first world see/photograph within the third world without voyeurism or objectification?”...  >>>more

Thomas Kleynen

„Thomas Kleynen macht deutlich, dass wir uns ‚unsere Räume’ konstruieren, macht uns auf Sehgewohnheiten aufmerksam, die wir bei der Betrachtung der Welt..."  >>>more

Ferit Kuyas

During the year 1995 I started devoting more of my time to comissioned work. It became more difficult to mainly focus on personal projects.
So I started photographing on travel...  >>>more

Monika Merva

The City of Children is an extensive document of a government-run housing program for runaways and...  >>>more

Inger Lise Rasmussen

In my pictorial universe I am particularly fascinated by big cities...  >>>more

Ellen Rennard

Forty years ago, horseracing was the most popular spectator sport in America.  Around that time, I rode a horse on the exercise track at Arlington Park, and, as women were just beginning to ride in big races...  >>>more

Jutta Schmidt

Die zahlreichen Schließungen öffentlicher Freibäder, geben vielerorts Anlass zur öffentlichen Diskussion...  >>>more

Karen M. Strom

Why do I create pictures that are puzzles? The simple answer is...  >>>more

Michael Wagener

Neben kommerziellem Auftrag oder einer konzeptionellen Arbeit ist Fotografie für mich auch immer Experiment...  >>>more

Donna J. Wan

I began this project with this question in mind - how does the landscape shape identity? Over the last few years...  >>>more

Ewa Monika Zebrowski

of  time, lost
let me tell you something about desire…  >>>more

short lectures at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MGK) Siegen

Attending photographers giving an insight in their work on Saturday 25 June at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen (MGK)


Ferit Kuyas, Zurich Switzerland

Max de Esteban, Barcelona, Spain

Jutta Schmidt, Dortmund, Germany

Michael Wagener, Siegen, Germany


Marc Baruth, Siegen, Germany


Ferit Kuyas: Lichter Horizont @ Art Galerie Siegen

Swiss photographer Ferit Kuyas brings to Siegen his vision of a bright horizon that he has developed in different bodies of work: City of Ambition and his Archetyps.

Lichter Horizont
Ferit Kuyas
June 26 – September 04 2011
Art Galerie Siegen

opening reception Sunday June 26 11 am


Von: Jenny Gummersall
Gesendet: Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011 16:53
An: Thomas Kellner
Betreff: Thank you!

Dear Thomas,
I feel honored to be included in Photographers Selection: 2011.
You are doing a great thing with this annual exhibit of your colleagues!  Thank you.
All the best,

Von: Inger Lise Rasmussen
Gesendet: Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011 08:03
An: Thomas Kellner
Betreff: thanks for the beautiful photo

Dear Thomas,

I am happy once again being part of your photographers network, you always find so excellent  and different artists.  It is also a pleasure to be able to expose photos created on alternative photographic process like photogravure. It is great that you got this open mind selecting artists.

Please stay in touch and keep me in mind when come to Denmark. Welcome!
Thanks once more.

Best regards
Inger Lise, Rasmussen



Hello Thomas,

I'm happy to hear the exhibition went so well.
I wish I could have made it to the opening, but had a field trip to the Biennale with my students the same weekend.

Thank you for sending all of the links and news, and also for making the exhibition!

Laura Heyman


Liebe Helga, lieber Thomas,

Noch einmal ein herzliches Dankeschön für die schöne und spannende Woche.
ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt bei Euch und dementsprechend bin ich gestern ungern wieder zurück gefahren.
Wenigstens wurde ich dann dank des Navigationssystems mit einer staulosen (!) Fahrt entschädigt. Ich war um 23:30 im Studio und habe mich dann erschöpft hingelegt.
Hoffe, dass Ihr die Woche auch gut überstanden habt, dass wieder Ordnung in Helgas Geschäft herrscht und und und.

Liebe Grüsse,

PS: Heute gab’s wieder mal kein Frühstück... f

Ferit Kuyas  |  Photographer vfg


Thomas, Helga,

We are now back at home (just arrived).
The first thing we wanted to do is to thank you both for this wonderful weekend!!! We felt really at home, met new friends, had quality time to talk to you and real fun.
Will be an unforgettable trip!!!! Thank you for your generosity and I hope one day you come and visit us!!
Hope to see you soon

Very best
Max and Cristina


Dear Thomas --

I received your little "hope" publication in the mail yesterday.  You have selected some mighty fine people for this one and I wish you every success with the exhibition.

Also, congratulations on awarding the prize to Monica who really deserves it.  I have enjoyed her excellent work for many years now.

You continue to do great work and give back much to our worldwide photo community.  Thank you for all that you have accomplished.

Best from Texas,
-- Roy

Roy L. Flukinger
Senior Research Curator
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Box 7219
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas


hello thomas, how are you?

just received your little booklet of the 2011 selection. thank you so much. 

never told you how much i appreciate your connecting efforts. 

very inspirational!


arianna rinaldo
Milano Italy


Dear Thomas

hope all is well for you

thanks for sending the newsletter, sounds like you are very busy and doing interesting work with fantastic photographers

kind regards

Louise Clements
Artistic Director
QUAD & FORMAT International Photography Festival
Derby UK

Thank you for supporting photographers:network selection 2011