Rasmussen, Inger Lise

Inger Lise Rasmussen was trained as a printmaking artist at the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark; The Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade,Serbia. The School of Arts and Design in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Studied at Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway. Atelier 17, Paris and Pratt Graphic Center, New York.


In my pictorial universe I am particularly fascinated by big cities. However, these should not be understood simply as specific cities; they should be seen just as much as an interpretation of the conditions in which modern urban man lives. In the urban space one can read off aspects of the historical, political, cultural, economic and social factors in the city. That is why architecture assumes a central position in my work, since it creates the external framework. Against this background I have created series from European cities such as Rome, Paris, Berlin and Belgrade. China’s radical urbanization made it a must for me to visit the country with the most rapidly expanding cities in the world. The result was the exhibition Brilliant City.

At the moment I am working with the series Reqem Walk in the Desert. In spite of the title they remain in the same topic. Petra (earlier Reqem) is a city which to-day exists as a mysterious necropolis in the desert of Jordan. I use its history as a metaphor of our time. More than 2000 years ago it was the prosperous capital of the Nabateans , a nomad tribe.  They grew rich by levying tolls and offering shelter and protections to the caravans. Its decline started when it was discovered that caravans could take a short cut by sailing up the Red Sea with monsoon winds getting faster to their destinations. Petra lost income and importance as a caravan trading centre. - Europe seems to get the same destiny; growth is moving to China and India. A development which we are helping to proceed by outsourcing working places, factories, know how at the same time as we are suffering from financial crises and recession.

Concerning Petra; to-day other caravans are coming with the nomads of our time the tourists in the big busses.  A new Petra constructed outside the old one offers them hotels, restaurants and what ever the modern traveller wants.

Most of my photographic works have been executed as photogravures on the basis of analog photographs.


Inger Lise Ramussen prefers analogue photography, because it gives the richest tonality, which is characteristic for the photogravure technique.

In her visual universe she is focusing on modern big cities, their architecture and the living conditions. She created several series from European cultural cities like Berlin, Rome and Paris. So far she published two books Tageskarten from Berlin and Raw Space, which gives a broader interpretation of European history and culture. Both books with a text in Danish and English by Finn Thrane. – In 2007 and 2008 Inger Lise Rasmussen travelled to China studying the expanding urbanism and the transformation of the Chinese society.- For the time being she is preparing a solo exhibition at Aarhus Centre of Contemporary Art  in November 2009 based on her trip to China. The images will be essentially different from the mass media. The title Brilliant City comes from a huge residential area in Shanghai. In connection with the exhibition there will be published a book with the same title.

Other work


Vejle Kunstmuseum; Museet for Fotokunst
The Royal Library/the National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Musée Carnavalet-Historie de Paris; Bibliothéque nationale de France. 
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas. Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece.


Tageskarten, Galleri Image and Forlaget Rhodos, Copenhagen 2000.
Raw Space, Forlaget Brandts Klædefabrik and Museet for Fotokunst, Odense 2005. Brilliant City, Forlaget Århus Kunstbygning, Århus 2009.
Reqem Walk in the Desert The Museum of Ancient Art and Archaeology, Aarhus University  2014.