Docher, Marie

Marie Docher, Paris, France

Marie Docher is a Paris-based photographer whose work explores the concepts of "le Temps" which means either time and weather in french. She uses various mechanical processes that leads her to explore her environment as a manifestation of her inner life.

Her work is represented in France, Germany and Morocco.

Marie Docher: Anima

This work shares reflections on art, the relationship of human to its own production, his history and mental representation of beauty and power.
It has been produced in 2011 and 2012 at le Louvre Museum, Greek and Roman antiquities.

Marie Docher: Maintenant que tout est possible

I began this work in july 2010 and it is still in progress.
The aim of this work is an attempt to illustrate my mental space, what constitutes me as art of a society.

For this work, I explore all the cultural, spiritual, psychological, sexual, physical and geographic aspects of my personality with numerous images that are acting as a vortex where the viewer can, at one point, meet his own mental space.

Since I began, I spend time to travel to vulcanoes, Pompeii, in museum, using the paintings and the sculpture as reality, Tv and videos…
Everything is possible.