"different realities" 2005

"different realities"


selection 2005

June 24th till July 3rd, 2005

Studio Thomas Kellner

Siegen, Germany



The exhibition shows work by 26 photographers from 11 countries. 

Each photographer is represented by one selected picture.In this project, Thomas Kellner invited one hundred photographers world wide for this juried exhibition. Out of more than a hundred submissions, the jury (comprised of Thomas Gerwers, Profifoto, Germany; Thomas Poller, Galerie Poller, Frankfurt/Germany and Alison Nordstrom, George Eastman House Rochester/USA and Thomas Kellner, project coordinator) selected 26 photos  for the exhibition in Siegen.

The exhibition shows work by artists that are at the same time on a similar path like Thomas Kellner. He gives us the opportunity to see images of his colleagues, whom he meets at festivals and other events somewhere in the world. The photographs are as different as the individuals who make them. There is figurative work, architectural, abstract and experimental photography. Each photograph showing a different reality: a documented reality, transformed realities, collaged and abstract realities. The end result is a collection of contemporary work and a network, where photographers can connect and help each other in building their careers.

The exhibition will be acompanied by a printed portfolio in PROFIFOTO,Germany, showing selected images.

June 24th till July 3rd

Opening Friday June 24th at 7p.m.

Studio Thomas Kellner

Friedrichstrasse 42; D-57072 Siegen; Germany
Opening hours: Sa/Su: 3-7p.m. and by appointment





Pilar Albajar & Antonio Altarriba, Vitoria, Spain

Meredith Allen, Brooklyn New York, USA

Lili Almog, New York City, USA

Alfons Alt, Marseilles, France

Marco Ambrosi, Verona, Italy

Justyna Badach, Philadelphia, USA 

Vincent Cianni, Brooklyn New York, USA

Barbara Downs, Oldswinford, Great Britain 

Claudia Faehrenkemper, Werne, Germany

Chrystel Garipuy, New York City, USA 

Johannes Hepp, Munich, Germany

Antonia Klostermann & Michael Hinz, Osnabrueck, Germany 

Jens Knigge, Berlin, Gemany

Véronique Kolber, Steinsel, Luxemburg 

Astrid Kruse Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nathalie Latham, Paris, France 

Elaine Ling, Ajax, Canada

Jennifer Long, Toronto, Canada

Fredrik Marsh, Columbus Ohio, USA

Sarianna, Metsaehuone, Goteborg, Sweden

A. Leo Nash, Oakland California, USA

Dan Nelken, New York City, USA 

Ken Rosenthal, Tuscon Arizona, USA

Frank Rothe, Berlin, Germany

Luzia Simons, Stuttgart, Germany

Leslie Starobin, Needham Heights, Massachusettes, USA





„different realities“

Ende 2004 wurden wieder ca. hundert meiner Kollegen und Freunde weltweit eingeladen, die ich im Laufe der beiden letzten Jahre kennen gelernt habe, an diesem Projekt teilzunehmen. Es sind allesamt meist junge Fotografen, die ich bei Festivals und in meinen Galerien kennen gelernt habe und die sich auf einem ähnlichen Weg befinden. Es haben sich 51 Fotografen mit einhundert und fünfzig Arbeiten für die Teilnahme beworben. Ziel des Projektes ist es ein Netzwerk unter Kollegen aufzubauen und sich gegenseitig zu fördern. Eine sachkompetente Jury aus einem Journalisten (Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO), einem Galeristen (Thomas Poller, Galerie Poller, Frankfurt) und einer Kunsthistorikerin (Alison Nordstrom Kuratorin am George Eastman House Rochester USA) haben gemeinsam mit mir die auszustellenden Arbeiten ausgewählt. ....

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Pilar Albajar & Antonio Altarriba


The hand is our main instrument. No other part of our body gives us such an efficient relation with our ambience. Given unequivocal faith in reality, when all the other senses fail, it offers us that final evidence, definite proof, for the recalcitrant non-believers, that is contact. If I can touch it, it exists…, or, at least it is physically existent. The hand does not limit itself to a testimonial function. It also effects what it touches. It maneuvers, manipulates, drives, handles, ultimately, it fabricates. Our progress has been essentially manual and our thoughts are in a certain way largely determined by our capacity of grabbing and transforming. ....

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Meredith Allen

Melting Ice Pops 1999-2004

My photography depicts the ever-changing landscape of the world around me. I look for opportunities to introduce a new context to my surroundings. And through this exploration, I aim to incite the subtle tension between nature and culture, innocence and cynicism and the beautiful and the grotesque. ...

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Lili Almog

Perfect Intimacy

It was a sunny winter day. I went through a large metal gate, and climbed up a tangled road surrounded by a modest garden until I reached the front door. At this moment the urban world receded and monumental religious architecture enveloped me. It was very quiet. I pressed the buzzer and waited. A few minutes passed before I could hear the echo....

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Alfons Alt

Die Ästhetik des Machens

Als Fotograf interessiere ich mich vor allem für die Anfänge der Photographie, d.h. die ersten zwanzig Jahre nach Ihrer Erfindung, als die Photographie noch kein Industrieprodukt war. Ich möchte neue Bildmöglichkeiten erforschen, indem ich das Photographische Fixieren mit dem Malerischen vermische, sozusagen ein doppelter Prozess, mit zwei Zeitlichkeiten. Zum einen die Augenblicksaufnahme, die das Subjekt gegenwärtig macht und zum anderen die der Erscheinung die durch die langsame handwerkliche Arbeit der Form eine Form geben. Die Bewegung der Hand, des Werkzeugs, des Geistes, gibt der Form eine Zeit. Diese Koexistenz im Bild von fotografierter Starre und malerischer Zeitlichkeit ....

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Marco Ambrosi

.... Italy’s going through a period of great cultural stimulus and provocation. In recent years the peace and quiet of a traditionally regional country has been challenged by new codes of behavior, languages, cuisines and clothing. New non-European populations are radically changing our urban landscapes. ....

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Justyna Badach

Untitled Seascapes

As an émigré, who became an American citizen after being stateless for nearly twenty years I am interested in exploring social assimilation and the relationship between landscape and culture. My photographs use ....

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Vincent Cianni

Muay-Thai Boxer Stretching, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2004


The fighters were beautiful – sleek, powerful, cut bodies – and their kicks were more powerful than their punches. They came to the tattered ring after being oiled and massaged by their trainers on the side of the dirt arena under a large covered tent on a hot sultry night. Young boys watched in awe hoping to be boxers themselves. They dressed in elaborately decorated and colorful satin trunks ....

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Barbara Downs

Peripheries: Brindleyplace 2005

This image is from a continuing large project about capturing subjective impressions of the peripheries of city centres. It is one of a group taken over a period of time in a new flagship multi-purpose public square, ....

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Claudia Faehrenkemper


My photomicrographs reveal a world, which is only visible trough a scanning electron microscope. My aim is the sensual experience of filigree constructions and morphological details as sculptures and spaces of the microcosm.

Photmicroscopy gives us an idea of relationships in our world. The conceptual work ....

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Chrystel Garipuy

L’Elisir d’Amore


I am presenting you my latest series of photographs entitled “L’Elisir d’Amore,” featuring staged portraits of friends, shot in 2003 and 2004 during two studio residencies at the School of Visual Arts, in New York City.

In this project I intended to create a gallery of uncanny and melancholic portraits of some of my friends, by combining mise en scène and stylization, and a subtle touch of tenderness. The harsh, dramatic, uniform lighting ....

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Johannes Hepp

The days after – a topograhy of terror


Adopting the title from the 1983 film "TheDayAfter", a graphic story about the days before, during and after a nuclear strike upon the USA, German artist Johannes Hepp has created a unique series of benign, yet paradoxically disturbing, images which metaphorically conflate the decisive moment of terrorattacks and the passage of time.

Ranging literally from just a few hours after an atrocity [TelAviv] to some ....

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Antonia Klostermann & Michael Hinz

Space and Form – Physical

Configurations The series of photographs shows the human body as a fusing with, an adaptation to, an insertion into pre-existing surroundings. Each of these “discovered” settings is a living environment in its own specific materiality. By orienting itself on the texture of things, by concentrating on a certain form, the human body creates configurations with an ....

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Jens Knigge

Platinum Prints

Born in 1964, Knigge grew up in Jena, East Germany, the City of Carl-Zeiss-Lenses. After study engeneering he moved to Berlin and started in photography in the early 90ies with portraits of jazzmusicians. From 1995, his contracts in architecture-photography took more and more influence in his own artwork. At the same time he had begun to learn the platinum printing with his teacher, the german masterprinter Wolfgang Moersch. ....

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Véronique Kolber

Moving trough time

The past is always present. You can see the marks that time left in every object, every face. The hybrid photographs of the series APPEARANCES are confronting past and present in an unnatural way: superposing pictures of the family-album, taken by ....

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Astrid Kruse Jensen


In Iceland geothermically heated pools act as social gathering points. Here the subterranean heat can be enjoyed under controlled circumstances with the magnificent volcanic landscape as a backdrop. Yet Astrid Kruse Jensen’s photographs of these outdoor swimming pools are empty of people. It is night and the slightly rippling water ....

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Nathalie Latham

Closed City N° 65

They said that I was never going to get into the closed city. “No photographer from the West has entered – you’ll never get in”.

After 8 months of letters, faxes, authorisations ....

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Elaine Ling


In Cuba, an island caught between the grandeur of old world glory and the decay of the immediate epoch, I found an urban landscape that reflects a struggle between daily life and the slow forces of Nature. Havana echoes the architecture of a decadent and multicultural past. In the vestigial remains of a one street Chinatown, are found 13 casinos ....

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Jennifer Long


As I pass through my late twenties and into my early thirties, I have become intrigued by the doubt involved with falling and being in love. I have witnessed an age-appropriate panic raging through friends and acquaintances about love and relationships.....

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Fredrik Marsh

Dresden Reliquary: Past Into Present


While spending three months in Dresden, Germany on an artist’s grant in 2002, Fredrik Marsh was drawn to the remains of the East German Communist-controlled industrial-military complex and its rebuilding and reconstruction. His large-scale panoramic photographs demonstrate the juxtapositions....

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Sarianna Metsaehuone

City Spaces

Since 1999 I have photographed private and public spaces, my everyday surroundings, from above, from birds' eye view. I have photographed an interaction between a mother and a child (Tango 2000), my own home (MA work 2000), other peoples homes (Random Homes 2001-02), the Nordic forest (Forest Room 2001-02) and now, finally, my two home towns, Gothenburg and Helsinki (City Spaces).

At the time, when I started working with the birds’ eye view, ....

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A. Leo Nash

Temporary Atonomous Zones

The search for authenticity and a place to operate dangerous mechanical devices, has led a group of artists out into the Nevada Desert. There in the harsh white and blank expanse of a dry lakebed, they are able to make machines that define a new movement in art. Some are robotic, most are built from salvaged industrial cast-offs, and almost all somehow use fire, or should I say FIRE ....

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Dan Nelken

Till the Cows Come Home

Our project, Till the Cows Come Home, seeks to document the impact of the vanishing family farm on individuals whose lives intersect at rural county fairs. A staple of rural agricultural communities for more than 150 years, county fairs are diminishing as family farms disappear at alarming rates. In some counties, they exist solely for the rite of the demolition derby or the distraction of the carnival midway ....

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Ken Rosenthal

My latest series, A Dream Half Remembered, continues my exploration of personal and collective memories. Employing a formal quality consistent with my previous work, this series focuses on the shards of memory retained from the dream state, and the oftentimes-random structure and narrative of dreams. The series cuts between portraits of family and strangers, ....

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Frank Rothe

German Guns

We all know that weapon can change a lot. Not only in terms of war, crime, power or self defending. Weapons always change the person to who they belong, they give them supernatural power, because most human beings feel week and with a gun in their hands they can experience the total change of their mentality and in terms of power.

In January 2004 I fired with a 45 mm Magnum ....

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Luzia Simons

“Advertising, television, the internet is the dominant medium in today’s society. Luzia Simons interprets this assertion by reflecting reality using unmistakeably manipulative and extremely symbolic representational techniques. She does this by allowing the different aspects of her work such as image formation, perception, creation ....

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Leslie Starobin

“…peace puts on a scary mask of war, and war changes its ways to peace. And we who dwell within her are displayed in the shop windows of history with a wardrobe of peculiar fashions and frozen gestures…”

My current work –a series of digital photomontages – straddles the crossroads between analog and digital, photography and painting, fact and fiction, past and present, war and peace. These compositions also fuse biographical and autobiographical elements related to personal and world history. The turbulent and evolving geo-political landscapes of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, two regions of the world to which I have ancestral and family ties, have shaped my vision and iconography. ....

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selection  2005




Friday, 24. 6. 2005

4 pm    welcome to photographers

5 pm    VIP - preview

7 pm    opening reception studios Friedrichstrasse

9 pm    Irle-brewery, Kaan-Marienborn


Saturday, 25. 6. 2005

10 – 12 am    OPEN HOUSE: photographers:network I at Museum of Contemporary Art, Siegen


photographers of the selections 2004 & 2005 give short introductions in their work  (engl.):

Johannes Hepp: A topography of terror

Vincent Cianni: Muay Thai boxing

Alfons Alt: recent work

Claudia Faehrenkemper: photomicrographs

Fredrik Marsh: recent work

Frank Rothe: German Guns

Herbert Boettcher: 6 weeks on a container ship

Nellly Thomas: Timeless on Akrotiri


12 – 13 pm: photographers:network II:

exhibition tour  „contexts of photography“, Museum of Contemporary Art, Siegen


3 pm: OPEN HOUSE: photographers:network III

artists talk: the relation to each other – the images, the pictures in the exhibition and the authors. Moderated by Dr. Eva Schmidt, Museum of Contemporary Art, Siegen (engl.), studios Friedrichstrasse


4 pm: OPEN HOUSE: „Zu Besuch“ Ingo Schultze-Schnabl, studios Friedrichstrasse


5 pm: OPEN HOUSE: open studio with Sabiene Autsch, studios Friedrichstrasse


6 pm: photographers:network IV: Pavel Odvody, opening reception, ArtGalerie, Siegen


9 pm: Lyz-Bistro, St.-Johann-Str., Siegen


Sunday, 26. 6. 2005

10 – 12 am: city walk & guided tour photographers:network V, former bunker upper castle and St.Nikolai Clock Tower


3 pm: OPEN HOUSE: Sabiene Autsch, Ingo Schultze-Schnabl und Thomas Kellner talking about different exhibition concepts in the studios Friedrichstrasse


4:30 pm: photographers:network VI: Jochen Dietrich: „Die wunderbaren Städte“, pinhole photography, exhibition tour, IHK-Galerie


Tuesday, 28. 6. 2005


6 pm: photographers:network VII: Dr. Jens Schröter : „digital photography and reality“, studios Friedrichstrasse in cooperation with University of  Siegen, researchcenter „Medienumbrüche“, studios Friedrichstrasse


Saturday, 2. 7. 2005

3 – 6 pm: OPEN HOUSE: discussions with artists and visitors, studios Friedrichstrasse


Sunday, 3. 7. 2005  

3 – 6 pm: OPEN HOUSE: discussions with artists and visitors, studios Friedrichstrasse