Hepp, Johannes

Johannes Hepp, Munich, Germany

The days after – a topograhy of terror

Adopting the title from the 1983 film "TheDayAfter", a graphic story about the days before, during and after a nuclear strike upon the USA, German artist Johannes Hepp has created a unique series of benign, yet paradoxically disturbing, images which metaphorically conflate the decisive moment of terrorattacks and the passage of time.

Ranging literally from just a few hours after an atrocity [TelAviv] to some 23 years [Munich], the artist searches out places around the world which have been devastated by terror attacks, and which are indeliblying rained in the public imagination through global media saturation.

Here cords people going about their daily business in these previously sabotaged areas. The focus is always on life afterwards and every day risk-taking: for example, by riding a train again at Kasumagiseki Station in Tokyo or by attending the reopening of the bar, Mike‘s Place in Tel Aviv, just three days after a horrible suicide-bombing.

All of these prophetic images are composed digitally, and montaged to get her using up to twenty medium format slides, depicting incidents taken from different timeframes. Deliberately avoiding the notion of objectivity, 'The Days After' does not attempt to portray any illusions of reality, instead the work aims to raise an awareness of the symbiotic relationship between terrorism and the oxygen of publicity generated by mediacoverage – within no cent human beings providing the collateral.

Create dinpanoramicformat,toreinforce the on going narrative ,these restrained by deeply unsettling images question our relationship to the notion of indiscriminate violence and bear witness to an erabe coming historic: the era of terror.

Christopher Coppock – Ffotogallery Cardiff.