Metsaehuone, Sarianna

Sarianna Metsaehuone, Goteborg, Sweden

City spaces

Since 1999 I have photographed private and public spaces, my everyday surroundings, from above, from birds' eye view. I have photographed an interaction between a mother and a child (Tango 2000), my own home (MA work 2000), other peoples homes (Random Homes 2001-02), the Nordic forest (Forest Room 2001-02) and now, finally, my two home towns, Gothenburg and Helsinki (City Spaces).

At the time, when I started working with the birds’ eye view, I did not realize, really,why I was doing it. I did not know why I had to look at my life from above. Today,five years later, I understand that going up and away and looking down, was my way of saying something very essential about myself or my life situation... (Writing this at home in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2004)

Since October 2004 I have taken a break from my photography. Right now I’m landing from the heights and getting ready for new work, which I plan to start some time during the spring 2005.