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Thomas Kellner – Tango Metropolis  
The catalog Thomas Kellner – Tango metropolis published by Galleri Image in 2005.  
1994: Snail shell artist's book  
A Snail on Its Way to become the Camera While walking in the South of France, a shiny mother-of-pearl snail shell on the ground caught my eye. I wrapped it up, sandy and not pretty to look at on the…  
Sixtorama, Portfolio of panorama in six pieces  
The reclining nude in pieces Sixtorama stands for a six-part panorama. For this series of twenty sheets, Thomas Kellner used six pinhole cameras with plan film and cut his girlfriend into six…  
The Hearst Tower  
2009 Thomas Kellner was invited to photograph the new building for the Hearst family.  
Germany view from inside out  
A country turned into a camera itself Once around Germany along the border. This series of 54 black and white pinhole camera images shows the view from the familiar home across the border in a…  
Germany: border walks  
Portfolio border walks from the series of pinhole camera pictures along the new all-German border  
Double exposed  
Portfolio of 7 Double exposures, which happened along the journey around Germany  
Complete folio Dying Nature  
Experimentally capturing the death of a tree The beginning of the 90s was under the impression of acid rain and forest dieback. Thomas Kellner experimented since 1993 with a pinhole camera, with…  
1996: Fensterraeume Portfoliobox  
Between the windows of our historic studio building Altes Brauhaus At the beginning of my thesis at University of Siegen I continued to experiment with making my own pinhole cameras for 120 roll…  
German Border's Panoramas  
German Border Panoramas from a pinhole camera Experimenting with borders corresponds to the artist's subversive relationship to rules and boundaries. In 1996 Thomas Kellner travels through a united…  
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