Thomas Kellner Monumente, a collection of essays about Thomas Kellner's oeuvre

Chiara Manon Bohn: Monumente, a collection of essays on Thomas Kellner's oeuvre

For four years, the young art historian Chiara Manon Bohn has been assisting the Siegen-based photo artist Thomas Kellner in his work. She supports him in his daily studio routine, in the conception of projects and exhibitions, and accompanies them with essays and speeches at openings.
In this volume, five essays present her view of Thomas Kellner's work. She writes both about the artist's latest project, the Siegen half-timbered houses previously photographed by Bernd and Hilla Becher, and about Kellner's well-known work with contact sheets. In addition to texts on Genius Loci, Tango Metropolis, and Brasília, there is also a readable essay on the underlying methodology and as yet little shown exhibition Visual Analytical Synthesis, defined and named by Irina Chmyreva and revisited by Chiara Manon Bohn. 
This is the fifth text volume on the work of Thomas Kellner, which for the first time provides a comprehensive insight into the œuvre, the individual series of works, of the artist. Previously published: Idealbilder, Kontakt, All shook up and Visuell Analytische Synthese. 

Chiara Manon Bohn: Monumente, a collection of essays on Thomas Kellner's oeuvre

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Detailed information about the book Monumente by Chiara Manon Bohn

Title: Chiara Manon Bohn: Monumente: Gesammelte Texte zum Werk von Thomas Kellner
Editor: Oliver Seltmann
Author: Chiara Manon Bohn
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Pages: 40 pages, 5 plates
Size:  15,2 x 22,8 cm, paperback
Language: German
Publisher: seltmann publishers
Edition: 500
ISBN:  978-3-949070-28-0
Release Date: 23.05.2022
Price: 19,90 Euros

Acknowledgement for Monumente 2022

Thank you to  Chiara for this wonderful book, Julia for the corrections, Peter for the design and Uli for printing and everyone else for your help on this photobook.