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The Siegen Fine Art Photographer travels around the whole world. His goal is to make images of architectures, monuments, interiors, public or private. He travels to international fairs and festivals and provides his knowledge of photography as a consultant to artists and the art market. Thomas Kellner has chosen the life of an artist. A life that has nothing to do with the very well known stereotypes of this profession.

His aproach in photography is a rare and unique one. He offers images that make the viewer hold on and to think about what he saw in a time that is characterized by fast, crisis and change. 
This booklet offers his first series of the Eiffeltower, which lead into the series of Monuments, Tango Metropolis, Dancing Walls and Brasilia, aside of a very wellthought interview by art historian Dirk Müller with Thomas Kellner. Bookdesign by Marc Babenschneider & Thomas Kellner.

This book will give you a look inside the life as an artist and what it means to be an artist in our world. You will have an exclusive glimpse of what made Thomas Kellner the artist he is today, and how he transforms his ideas into real pieces of work.

Idealbilder catalog

Have a look at the pictures of the Idealbilder photobook. Inside you will find numerous pictures of different Fine Art series. I hope that you will enjoy looking at them, and that you will find yourself wanting your own exemplar on your bookshelf.

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The special edition of Idealbilder

This was the first of the textbooks and was produced due to the generosity of many subscribers. 100 were signed and numbered.

Images of the Idealbilder special edition

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Detailed information about Idealbilder

Title: Thomas Kellner – Wir sind von Idealbildern umgeben
Editor: Artgalerie
Author: Dirk Josef Müller, Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Content: 44 pages, 10 plates
Size: 15 x 22,8 cm, brochure
Language(s): German
Publisher: ars victoria verlag siegen
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 978-3942831673
Release Date: 12012
Price: 19,90 Euros
Edition of the special edition: 100 pieces
Price of the special edition: 49,90 Euros (signed & numbered)

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Thank you to Dirk Josef Müller for the interview, Marc Babenschneider for the design and Uli Riedel from Winddruck for printing and everyone for your help on this photobooks, other photobooks and exquisite issues. Thanks to you dear reader for giving us time and attention. We hope that you will enjoy having this book around you!