Thomas Kellner: Half-timbered houses seen anew

Half-timbered buildings of the Siegen industrial area today

„Just by the fact -created by Hilla and Bernd Becher- that reality is allowed into art again in the form of a documentary image, (…), magical realism was create.”

Documentary photography, half-timbered houses from the region around Siegen, timeless images of culture and society in the Siegerland. This list seems to allude inevitably to the well-known works of Bernd and Hilla Becher, their photographs of half-timbered buildings and industrial architecture. Since 2015, however, the statements also fit a Siegen Fine Art photographer who follows in the footsteps of the Bechers in staging house fronts. In a series of 19 architectural photographs, the artist shows selected Eiserfeld half-timbered houses in their current state. 

With his pictures of the half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area, Thomas Kellner has reminded us of the beauty of the everyday that surrounds us and yet so often goes unnoticed. Based on the typology of the Bechers, he presents in his new book his 2021 pictures of the half-timbered buildings, which inspire with their color refraction and artistic blurring of the background. These half-timbered architectures, which have become commonplace in the region, reveal themselves here as real works of art with their detailed slate-façades and well-kept exteriors.

The Fine Art photographer shows us here through the lens of his camera a part of the history of his region. He has worked on architecture before, and so has already swept away countless people internationally.

Half-timbered houses in Siegen industrial area today

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Detailed information about the half-timbered houses

Title: Thomas Kellner – Half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area today
Editor: Oliver Seltmann
Author: Andrea Gnam
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Content: 53 pages, 19 plates
Size: 24,5 x 30,5 cm, Hardcover, Half-linen
Languages: German, English
Publisher: seltmann publishers
Edition 400
ISBN: 978-3-949070-10-5
Release Date: 14.02.2021
Price: 25,– Euros
Edition special edition 100 (19 different)
Price special edition: 690,– Euros


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