Welcome to my BLOG!

Here you can read articles at regular intervals, where you can have your own say. Every feedback, every thought, or even stories and memories you can share here with me and with others.

About the art

In the BLOG I tell about my life and my profession as an artist. Many have a rather romantic idea of the artist's studio. Surely the studio of the photo artist, who uses a camera and then looks at a screen and processes the image in a digital lab is something different than the painter's or sculptor's studio. Here you can learn more about the many demands on the artist. Feel free to ask questions or comment and get even more insight.

About exhibitions

In normal everyday life I might manage to publish a text and an installation image for an exhibition on my website, or a post report with photo from the opening in the newsroom. Here on the blog there is a little more time and space for selected exhibitions. Here is space for the makers of the exhibition, the institution, a deeper look into exhibition and consideration of my works in this exhibition. Feel free to comment and leave your comments here.

About commissions

A very special part of the artist's life is commissioned work. For the artist in the Middle Ages, this was the only business: creating art on commission. Princes and places of worship could be opulently depicted and presented. For the artist today it is mostly collaborations with museums or art associations where new works are created, but also in the field of industry and entrepreneurship there is a great interest in works of art for the presentation of a cultural attitude, an interest or even the presentation of their own company. Here you will learn about some of the entrepreneurs with whom I have worked and what has emerged. As above, feel free to join the discussion.

The art world revolves around New York.

The epicenter of the art world is New York. I myself have had the good fortune and success to have had two solo exhibitions in New York. I have been to festivals and fairs for many years and have met many gallery owners in New York with whom I am still on friendly terms. Here I will introduce you to one gallery at a time, what they show, who they represent and who is behind the gallery. I am curious about your comments.

Now have fun!

Clampart Gallery 1/4: Ken Graves and Eva Lipman – Restraint + Desire

An extraordinary exhibition at Clampart Gallery featuring Ken Graves and Eva Lipmann

Profession as an artist II 1/4: products

Products of Thomas Kellner

Corporate Art EJOT 1/4

Corporate Art with the company Ejot

Profession as an artist I 1/4: Childhood

How does a kid become an artist. Read here how I was trained in my childhood.

Corporate Art 1: Fischer Elektronik 4/4

A biography of the Sauerland entrepreneur Thomas Fischer from Lüdenscheid.

Exhibitions 1-4/4: The curator Elisabeth Claus

Article about the curator Elisabeth Claus at Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Germany

Klompching Gallery 4/8: Curious devices & other objects

An exhibition of the Klompching Gallery in New York with guest artists.

Profession as an artist I 2/4: Studies

Thomas Kellner about his studies in fine art and Art history

Operating ressources: The file folder

In this blog article Thomas Kellner explains the importance of filing in the profession of an artist.

Corporate Art 1: Fischer Elektronik 3/4

The successful company Fischer Elektronik and its products for the electrical industry.